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Manny Rubin z”l


I am sad to inform you that our member Ken Rubin’s father, Manny Rubin, Moshe ben Yisroel, passed away last Monday after a four and a half month fight for recovery from lung cancer surgery. He was home in hospice care surrounded by his two sons, a daughter in law and two of his grandchildren. He was 85 years old.

Manny was a Navy veteran having quit school at 17 to enlist after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He saw a great deal of action during his time in the Pacific and was fortunate to return home safely. The Navy Honor Guard was present at his burial.

He grew up it Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he married his wife, Joyce and had two boys. Manny worked as an auto mechanic. The family moved to Plantation, Florida where Manny continued to work as a mechanic for himself and for his son Mark’s pest control business. Manny worked until the day before his surgery.

Manny’s wife, Joyce, passed in January of this year. He is survived by his sons, Mark and Ken; their wives, Monica and Jenine and his five grandchildren.

Manny was particularly known for two things: his work ethic and his friendliness. Manny worked six days a week from the time he returned from the Navy until his surgery some 60 years later. He instilled that level of discipline in his children.

Manny’s interest and ability to reach out and talk to strangers was amazing. He once went to visit Ken when he was living in California. Manny walked back into Ken’s townhouse after sitting outside for a bit and starting telling Ken all about his neighbors (that after two years living there, Ken had never met). Manny was simply one of those people that others wanted to talk to.

He will be greatly missed.

Alav hashalom – peace on the soul of Moshe ben Yisroel. Hamakom y’nachem – comfort and strength to Ken and Jenine, Jonah and Asher, along with Mark and his family.


Rabbi Marc


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