CU Jewish Studies Interns: Evan Taksar

Evan Taksar is from Los Angeles, California. She came to CU because she was looking for a school with lots of school spirit and amazing opportunities. Evan is a Political Science major and hopes that she will be able to say she is “minoring in Jewish Studies” before the end of the year.

Evan feels that the Program in Jewish Studies has helped her realize some of her long-term professional goals. “Thanks in part to the Jewish Studies program at CU,” says Evan, “I realized last year that I wanted to work long term in Jewish philanthropy. My passion is Jewish camping, so I would love to work for an organization that helps provide scholarships to summer camp!”

When asked about the Program at CU she said,

Being a part of the Jewish Studies Program at CU has completely changed my college experience. I love how big CU is, and the sort of opportunities that come with being a part of a large research University, but at times it is easy to feel like you are just another number going through the motions. What I love most about the Jewish Studies department is its intimacy. My professors know me by name, and they are truly dedicated to seeing that I succeed in college. After I expressed my interest in philanthropy work in passing to Jamie Polliard, she immediately suggested that I become a part of the Internship program, something I never would have thought of had she not mentioned it. Working with Caryn Aviv and Jamie this semester, as well as the awesome people at the Boulder JCC has helped me get an inside perspective on how Jewish non-profits work, as well as gain some incredibly valuable contacts for my future endeavors. The classes offered by the Program in Jewish Studies are interesting, the teachers are passionate about their work, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.”

Her only regret in college is that she “didn’t get involved sooner.”

1. What organization are you interning for and what do you do for it?

Since last September, I have been the development intern at the Boulder Jewish Community Center. I work with lots of really awesome people in the office on various development projects — specifically mailings and fundraising efforts!

2. What are your goals, this semester, for your internship?

This semester one of my goals was to learn how to write grants. I’m hoping to work in the field of Jewish non-profits next year, so I figured this was a really good skill to know. I wrote my first grant with Wendy Aronson, the Assistant Executive Director of the BJCC and it was a really awesome experience!

3. How are you active in the Jewish community on the CU campus?

I’ve been pretty active in the Jewish community at CU since I first started coming to college. I was the only person in my high school to come to CU, and at first it was pretty intimidating being on a campus of 30,000 and not knowing anybody. So I figured that if I went to Hillel I might be able to meet some people that I have things in common with, and it worked! Thanks to Hillel I met my best-friends; it really helped me find a positive place on campus. I’ve served on the Hillel student board since my sophomore year of college, and I am currently finishing up my certificate in Jewish Studies through the Program in Jewish Studies.

4. What is your favorite part about the Jewish Studies program?

I love the inclusive feeling that you get as a student in the Jewish Studies program. With such a small group of students currently taking classes in the program, I really feel that the teachers are dedicated to seeing me succeed in whatever I choose to do with my life. They are warm and friendly, and some of the smartest people I have encountered on this campus. Not only that, they are so enthusiastic about seeing the program do well and seeing the individual student succeed. On such a big campus it is really a haven for me. I know my college experience would have been so different had I never gotten involved!

5. Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?

The better question is this … why does Wendys’ think they are so cool for making their hamburgers square and their buns round? You always end up with an uneven bite. This is a HUGE dilemma.

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