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Last Call: Matzah Baking and Shmurah Matzah

Two great opportunities that you won’t want to miss:

Matzah Baking at the Model Matzah Bakery and purchasing your own Shmurah Matzah for the Seder.

Wednesday is the last day of the Model Matzah Bakery. Haven’t experienced making your own Matzah?   Join us today at 4 or 6 pm. Each participant will also get their own mini Shmurah Matzah to use at their Seder.

The European Model Matzah Bakery will be closing shop with the last two workshops offered on April 13 at 4 pm and 6 pm at the Jewish Enrichment Center.   The Model Matzah Bakery is an exciting educational and fun experience for the entire family in which participants are able to experience the story and art of Matzah Baking.  It features wheat stalks, brick ovens, millstones, etc. which are all setup to form an old style Matzah Bakery. Dressed in baker’s hats, participants will help with the entire process of Matzah making which will include winnowing, threshing, grinding, kneading dough and making their own Matzah.

Located at the Jewish Enrichment Center, 4740 Table Mesa Drive Suite B, Boulder, CO.  Rate of $6.00 with pre- registration, and $8.00 at the door.

Click here to watch a slideshow taken by the Boulder Jewish News and find out how Matzah is made.

To reserve your spot or to find out more information please call 303 494 1638 or email You may also check for information on this or any of our other programs.  Sponsored by Lubavitch of Boulder County.

Shmurah Matzah in Boulder

Would you like to have authentic Matzah like they made in Egypt at your Seder table?  Lubavitch of Boulder brought in over 100 pounds of Shmurah Matzah and they are going like hot cakes.  Secure your own Shmurah Matzah at $21.00 (6-7 Matzahs per pound).  Reserve online at  Pickup for Shmurah Matzah is Thursday, April 14 at 5 pm at the Jewish Enrichment Center 4740 Table Mesa Drive Suite B.

About Chany Scheiner

Co - Director of Boulder Center for Judaism. Any successful organization needs a heart and that is what Chany provides, along with organization, marketing, innovative programming, and countless Shabbat dinners. Some of her accomplishments are large and public like the annual menorah lighting on Pearl Street and the matzo and shofar factories, while others are quiet and private like the time she spends counseling individuals and sharing the wisdom that comes from study.

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