StandWithUs Launches Campaign to Repudiate Goldstone Report

StandWithUs has launched a letter-writing campaign to pressure the United Nations and American and international leaders to officially rescind the 2009 UN Goldstone Report.

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In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, Judge Richard Goldstone admitted that Israel had not intentionally targeted civilians, that Israel’s judiciary met the highest international standards for investigating its own military conduct, and that Israel had a right, like every other nation, to defend itself against attacks, such as those perpetrated by the terrorist group Hamas. Goldstone even conceded the accuracy of Israel’s reports about the war, including that the vast majority of Gaza fatalities were combatants from Hamas and other terrorist groups.

“Goldstone’s team had access to Israel’s voluminous published documentation about the war but routinely discredited it and dismissed witnesses who corroborated Israel’s reports. But they accepted Hamas testimony at face value even though Hamas is a terrorist group…This was a kangaroo court from the beginning,” said Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs.

The Goldstone Report was another black mark for the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which includes some of the world’s worst human rights abusers, has systematically ignored gross human rights violations around the world and instead obsessively denounced democratic Israel.

If the UNHRC does repudiate the Goldstone Report, it will be a sign that this body is beginning to see that it cannot continue its egregious prejudice against Israel and its abysmal failure to live up to its mandate. The US and other democratic nations must pressure the UNHRC to start on a new path so it finally becomes the guardian of human rights it was meant to be,” said StandWithUs President Esther Renzer.

The purpose of the StandWithUs letter-writing campaign is to let international leaders know that many people around the world demand an end to the shameless prejudice against Israel.

StandWithUs (SWU) is a ten year-old, international, non-profit Israel education organization that ensures that Israel’s side of the story is told on campuses, community, libraries, schools and in the media.  SWU hosts speakers, programs and conferences in cities around the world, takes missions to Israel, offers website resources and creates brochures and materials about Israel in a variety of languages and on a variety of topics that are distributed globally.  Based in Los Angeles, the organization now has chapters and offices across the U.S., Israel and the UK.  SWU was founded in 2001 in response to the public’s need and desire for more information about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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