Week in Review: September 3rd, 2010

Shabbat Shalom!  Preparations for the new year and the coming High Holy Days are reaching fever pitch.  Luckily, we have a long weekend with Labor Day to help.

As we were gathering information on High Holiday services around town, we were reminded once again of how lucky we are. The richness and diversity of opportunities to be together as a community over the next two weeks is really amazing. And community is one of the things that is fundamental to being Jewish.  There is a reason why it takes ten Jews to pray a minyan — not least because it’s really difficult to shmooze or argue after services if you are by yourself.

If you are new to the area, or haven’t gone to services in while (or ever) then this is the year to try something new. Looking at our listing posted this week, geographically, there are eight choices in Boulder proper and 14 between Longmont and Golden (with a jog west to Evergreen).   Spiritually, you can find Humanist, Renewal, Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Chabad and more.  Many groups have free services, membership may not be required (though tickets may still be needed).  Family services, youth services, community services, student services . . .there’s really a wide range. We hope you’ll find a warm welcome and a meaningful space to experience prayer.

L’shana tova  — a happy and sweet New Year to you! *Note: due to the holiday, the Week in Review for next week will not be published until Sunday, September 12. **Kosher smoked whitefish available at Costco Superior – wow!
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