New Course Taught by Yehudis Fishman

The Chabad Jewish Center of Longmont is thrilled to present a new course for women taught by Morah Yehudis Fishman called “Uncommon Threads: How the Ideas and Practices of Judaism All Lead to ‘The Way of G-d.'”

All levels of religious study are welcome and the course’s textbook is Derech Hashem (The Way of G-d) by Chaim Moshe Luzzatto. Participants will need to purchase your own copy for the class (book is available on

This course starts Wednesday, November 17, and meets from 7-8:15 p.m. at the Chabad Jewish Center of Longmont, 195 S. Main Street, Longmont. Classes will meet every other Wednesday. There is a $10 suggested minimum donation per class.  RSVP: 303-678-7595

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About Chaim Moshe Luzzatto:  Chaim Moshe Luzzatto (1707-1746), was born in Padua, Italy and was the author of some of the greatest Kabbalistic books and basic concepts of Judaism. Derech Hashem discusses the many levels of the soul, reinarnation, the upper realms of angels, relationship to G-d and much more!

Morah Yehudis Fishman

About Morah Yehudis Fishman: A renowned and beloved educator for over 25 years, Morah Yehudis teaches Torah to people of all backgrounds and all ages, privately, in groups, schools, synagogues and multiple community programs across the U.S. She has also been a featured speaker in Israel on many occasions. Her unique ability to convey Torah in a personally meaningful and uplifting way endears her to everyone.  The only child of handicapped, immigrant parents, she graduated from Maimonides Day School with a degree in Talmudic studies. She continued her Jewish education at Beth Jacob Teachers Seminary in Brooklyn, and her secular education at Clark University. She graduated from Worcester State College in 1962 with a major in psychology and a minor in philosophy. A much beloved teacher on the East Coast, as well as in New Mexico, Yehudis moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1999, where she became one of the first Jewish women in the world to be employed as the Spiritual Director of an orthodox congregation. She shares her vast knowledge of every area of Torah, from the mystical aspects of Kabbalah, to the details of Halacha, in a loving, caring soul deepening way. Yehudis has also written many songs for children and written and directed Jewish plays for both elementary and high school students. Her works in print include poems and inspirational articles for Chassidic readers (including Yiddishe heim: 1970-1975, Wellsprings: Chassidic concepts about G-d, Tradition: The Jewish woman’s role in Torah study, Another Desert: Jewish Poetry of New Mexico. 1998, and Unbroken Line: Writings in the Lineage of Poetry).

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