8 Gifts for 8 Nites: Pet Style

Editor’s Note: Chanukah is coming and Boulder Jewish News is here to help! This week and next, we’ll feature “8 Gifts for 8 Nites,” each with different theme. To launch this, we asked pet expert Julia Szabo, a.k.a. Pet Reporter, for some grrrreat gift suggestions.  For daily dispatches from Julia, check out her “Living with Dogs” column on Dogster.com; she’s @PetReporter1 on Twitter.

Let’s not neglect our furry family members this holiday – giving them a gift they actually like is the least we can do in return for the unconditional love they give us every day of the year.

1. Your K9’s Canines – When she’s not beautifying the smiles of stars and supermodels and inventing can’t-live-without products for people, celebrity dentist Jennifer Jablow works tirelessly to rescue and rehome homeless dogs. Now she’s created a fabulous product for furry friends too, and it’s a great gift for pets who hate getting their teeth brushed: Pawfect Smile, the first-ever tool designed to make brightening your dog’s smile a cinch for you, and less of a hassle for Spot.

Vedante Reflective Collars
Vedante Reflective Collars

2. Reflections on Safety – After-dark dog outings can be lots of fun, so don’t let low visibility conditions slow you down. Reflective gear is a must for nighttime and rainy-day safety – for kids, adults, and pets. See and be seen at night – or on foggy days – in Vedante’s fabulously fashionable, functional reflective gear designed for both you and Spot. (Check out the cool kitty collars too!) www.Vedante.com (based in Boulder!)

3. Winter Skin Relief – Dry skin isn’t just a people problem – dogs experience it too, especially in winter. With Nordic Naturals, it’s easy to moisturize Spot’s skin and coat from the inside out while you give him his daily dose of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, in liquid or gelcap form. Nordic Naturals products are good for your best friend, plus dogs and cats love the taste!

4. Supplements for Spot – Is arthritis making it tough for your older dog or cat to get around? This holiday, give him the gift of improved mobility with FlexPet. It’s the K9 version of FlexCin, and it will have your slow-moving dog going for longer, more enjoyable walks, with an almost youthful spring in his step. And if you take Juvenon for cellular health, now you can share that benefit with your senior dog too: Vigorate is the K9 version of this anti-aging, brain-boosting formula, and it will help uncloud your elderly pet’s fuzzy thinking.

Crypton Throvers
Crypton Throvers

5. Fido Furnishings – This good-looking, two-sided throw – soft microsuede on one side and snazzy-looking twill on the other – looks like a blanket and works like a tarp, thanks to stain- and moisture-resistant textile technology. Bring it along anywhere you need to improvise a cozy spot for Spot to recline on, from the car to the crate. Plus, with divine doggie designs by artist William Wegman, it’s handsome enough to double as a decorative throw on the sofa or bed!

6. Bow-Wow Brain Teasers – Dogs love playing games; aftery they’re done romping outside, here are two interactive games they can play indoors that will give them a mental workout. The Brick and Twister games by Nina Ottosson were both created to stimulate a dog’s brain. Hide your dog’s favorite treats in the compartments, and enjoy watching the K9 mental wheels turn as they problem-solve ways to reveal and retrieve the rewards. This game is almost as much fun for humans as it is for dogs! 

7. Terrific Treats – Annette Frey has done the unthinkable: created healthy, gluten-free treats called Biscuits by Lambchop that dogs actually like. They come in two flavors: banana-vanilla-coconut “Choppers” and Apple-honey-cinnamon “Starlets,” each named after Frey’s own beloved dogs, who inspired the recipes. Cats are decidedly non-vegan (as are many dogs), so offer them Wishes, irresistible morsels of dehydrated Wild Icelandic Haddock fillets; they’re made by The Honest Kitchen.

8. Coats and Tails – When the temperature dips, don’t let your best friend leave the house in his birthday suit – brrr, that’s not nice! But it’s equally not nice to put a scratchy, itchy wool sweater on him, or one of your ill-fitting old sweatshirts. Instead, outfit your buddy with a sleek, form-fitting thermal layer designed for dogs by K9 Top Coat.This high-performance polarfleece garment will keep Spot warm, so he can enjoy more time outdoors with you, even in the dead of winter.

9. The Shamash Candle – Last, but certainly not least, please remember the wonderful people and pets at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley this holiday. Donate what you can, whether it’s money or supplies (animal shelters are always grateful to receive towels, blankets, and cleaning supplies). And if there’s room in your home, please consider adopting a shelter dog or cat – that truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Julia Szabo is The Pet Reporter and the "best known pet journalist in the country." She is the author of 6 pet lifestyle books.Follow her on Twitter @PetReporter1 and Instagram @getdressedchangetheworld.

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