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Smile… Nobody’s Watching

I have been struck by the fact that each time I pass someone on the street, my face covered in a mask, their face covered too, I say hello and smile. Because the masks can muffle sound, often times people don’t hear me say hello, and my smile is hidden, of course, behind the fabric of the mask. As a result, often these days people don’t acknowledge me as we pass each other— at least six feet apart — on the street.

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Wisdom From the Water

The notion that changing gears after a mistake could be a positive, even beautiful thing seemed like a revelation to me.

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Our Pesky Thoughts

In this week’s Torah portion, Vaera, G-d instructs Moshe and Aharon to confront Pharoah and demand he allow the Israelites to go off and pray. It soon became a high-stakes challenge between G-d's power and Pharaoh's wise men and sorcerers.

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