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What Is So Odd About Getting Even?

The 2022 Boulder Jewish Festival Film series, highlights several Holocaust related movies. One of the most prominent is "Plan A," the true story of attempted revenge on the Nazis by some Jewish groups. This article discusses some of the complex issues brought up by this film.

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Far From Home-Less

As we complete the book of Exodus with the construction of the Holy Sanctuary, I can’t help thinking of the following quote from 2021’s Academy Award’s winning film, "Nomadland." “I may be houseless, but not homeless” was one of the opening phrases by the laconic but sensitive, Fern.

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What Is The ‘Nu’ Normal?

New Moon

We just finished reading the book of Exodus, and also the last of the special Torah readings before Passover. This reading, ‘the chapter of the NEW moon,’ begins with the mandate to declare the upcoming month of Nisan, as the first month in the Jewish calendar.

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To Beat An Unbeatable Foe

Chanukah may be over but its message is not. Especially with recent challenges to Jewish lives, we need to find experiences that bolster our determination to thrive, and our confidence in humanity.

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Rabbi Marc’s Dash of Drash: Impeccability

After the ecstatic and transformative moment of revelation at Sinai, Parshat Mishpatim (Exodus 21-24) calls on us to pay close attention to the details of our lives and the impact we have on the people and the world around us.

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Rabbi Marc’s Dash of Drash: Divine Names With the Kirtan Rabbi

In Divine Names, episode 53 of A Dash of Drash, Rabbi Andrew Hahn, Ph.D, also known as the KirtanRabbi (affectionately Reb Drew), joins Rabbi Marc in conversation about the centrality of names, especially the names of the Divine, and how they connect to our practice and to our hearts. 

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