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Stan Kreis has degrees in sociology, economics and accounting. Therefore he is wise, literate, financially sound and married to Kathryn Bernheimer (she would never marry anyone without such credentials). Grave marker: "the world was his oyster, unfortunately, he ate it and got stomach cramps."

Obituary of Patty Ann Kreis z”l

Patty Ann Kreis was born September 19, 1927 in Warsaw Poland and passed away on February 14, 2016 in the very early morning hours.

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Letter: Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project Is Ill-Conceived

There are many ways to say the Boulder Nablus Sister City Project is an ill-conceived way to create person to person understanding, a stated goal of the sister city concept.

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Israel on Campus Presenting All This Week at CU

Support our Jewish and Christian students as they work together over the next three days to present events on campus in support of Israel. Monday night is Our Soldiers Speak.

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Norman Finkelstein Makes an Astonishing Admission

Longtime pro-Palestinian apologist Norman Finkelstein seems to have had it with the "cult" of the ISM and the BDS movement. Read all about it.

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