Ahmadinejad: Palestinian UN Bid Is First Step Toward Destroying Israel

The Israel Project (TIP) quoted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from a very recent speech, admitting the real reason behind the Palestinian push at the UN for statehood is that “recognizing the Palestinian state is not the last goal. It is only one step forward toward liberating the whole of Palestine.” In other words, the push by the Palestinian Authority government is not about the intransigence of Israel in checking the formation of a Palestinian state, it is not about the rights of the Palestinians to have a state, but it is about how to go about destroying Israel and supplanting her with a single Palestinian state. Mahmoud Abbas has already said that Jews in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) cannot live in a new Palestinian state, that the Palestinians will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state and that their formation of a Palestinian state does not and will not thereby relinquish their demand and their efforts to settle Palestinians en masse in Israel proper.

Yet, both the PA and the Iranian governments spread a lie based on the false claim that Israel will not negotiate sincerely in the creation of a Palestinian state. The formula for the 1993 Oslo Accords was and is “land for peace.” Former Palestinian leader and President Yasir Arafat pledged non-violence in exchange for Israel’s entry into negotiations and recognition of the Palestinian Authority government, but the Palestinian side has never committed to a non-violence that would give the Israelis confidence that a tangible hand-over of land is worth an intangible promise of peace. Instead, the Palestinians having been given control of land on the West Bank and in Gaza by Israel, have used it as a launching pad for terror and for a world-wide campaign to obfuscate the history of the conflict. A true telling of that history is that the Palestinian side has demonstrated wholly bad-faith negotiations.

This is not a case of he said, she said.

Although the conflict is on-going, it is the web of lies by the Palestinian side that tells the tale, like in the story of King Solomon’s test of the mother’s love over his proposal to split a contested baby. Which side has upheld its obligations and which has not? Do the web of lies, deceit and obfuscation in itself help us decide which side has committed bad-faith negotiations, and which has not? I would say yes and an analysis would show that Israel is the victim and the Palestinians and the Arabs the victimizers.

The Ahmadinejad headline is the tell-tale sign of the Palestinian plea to the UN to circumvent Israel and attempt to draw the noose around the Israeli neck. This is the opposite of peace; it is the precursor to war.

No Israeli government can enter into a peace agreement while under such duress. Furthermore, any left-wing or peace movement that insists on this will only bring us to the brink of more war and no peace. The Israelis cannot be circumvented in this process and forced to a peace agreement by attempts to isolate her. Yet that idea of isolating Israel is what one reads in the left-wing press and blogs; indeed, even in the mainstream press. David Landau, editor of Israel’s own newspaper of record, Haaretz, once invited the USA to come and “rape” Israel, meaning to force her into submission to a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

The world must not buy into the Palestinian gambit, but the world is likely to do so. The Jews are simply more expendable. We saw this movie before in the story of the Holocaust. When will the world ever learn?

See the entire TIP article here.

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