They call me "NewsHound IV," because I'm a clever Finnegan, sniffing out stories all over the Boulder area. I love Jewish holidays because the food is GREAT, especially the brisket. Well all the food. I was a rescue pup and glad to be on the scent!

Letter: Hebron in August 1929 Says It All

If you listen or read the main stream media or listen to 99% of university administrators today, you would think that Hamas and the Auschwitz-like horrors that it inflicted on the Jewish people on October 7 is an aberration and that for entirety of the rest of recorded history Muslims have treated the Jewish people with respect and tolerance. Really?

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Clean Speech Colorado Volume 5 About to Begin

After witnessing one of the most horrifying examples of disregard for human life in decades, let's join together to restore a clear sense of the value of human life.

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Letter: Biden’s “Rules of War”? 

Like Rafael Medoff, I am dismayed that Pres. Biden felt it necessary to remind Israel to try to avoid civilian casualties. Biden should be well aware that Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid injuring or killing civilians when Israel is forced to respond to attacks on her own civilians.

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Opinion: Biden’s “Rules of War”? Not in World War II

President Biden has urged Israel to observe war rules when striking back at Hamas, emphasizing the importance of avoiding civilian casualties. This stance is contrasted with actions taken by the U.S. and its allies during World War II, where civilian fatalities were often deemed an unfortunate yet inevitable aspect of their strategy.

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Rally for Israel in Denver on Sunday

The Israeli-American Council (IAC) Colorado chapter, along with other Denver Jewish organizations, is rallying on Sunday, October 15 to support Israel following a Hamas terrorist attack last Saturday, which resulted in significant casualties.

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War in Israel and Gaza: Analysis, Explanations, Memories

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A Panel Discussion with Profs. Zach Levey (International Affairs/JWST), Eyal Rivlin (JWST), John Willis (HIST, to be conrifmed), and Karim Mattar (ENG, to be confirmed).

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JNF-USA Sharing Daily Updates From Israel

The unthinkable continues in Israel, and Jewish National Fund-USA is working around the clock in the USA and on the ground in Israel to take care of our friends, family, and colleagues.

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