Stop Antisemitism Colorado Grateful to Majority Of State Democratic Party For Rejecting Dangerous Ceasefire Resolution

Stop Antisemitism Colorado Grateful to Majority Of State Democratic Party For Rejecting Dangerous Ceasefire Resolution

Defeat Signals Power Shift in the Democratic Party Following the Overwhelming Rejection of Far-Left Candidates in Last Week’s Election

Denver, CO — Following an outpouring of opposition, including calls from numerous high-ranking members of the federal delegation and state elected officials, and thousands of emails from Democratic Jewish voters and allies, the Central Committee of the Colorado Democratic Party soundly rejected a dangerous resolution calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that did not even call for the unequivocal release of the hostages held in Gaza for over 8 months. Just as the Jewish community mobilized to defeat the far left candidates stoking anti-Jewish rhetoric in last week’s primary elections, we once again organized to defeat this ill-conceived and unbalanced resolution. 

“We are grateful to our federal and state elected officials and local party leaders who spoke out emphatically against this divisive resolution, and for the hundreds of Jewish community members and allies for making their voices heard. After far-left candidates were handily defeated in last week’s primaries, we are seeing a decisive shift in the power base of the party and a rejection of their hate cloaked in justice and progressive values. There is nothing progressive about marginalizing any community,” said Stefanie Clarke, Co-Founder of Stop Antisemitism Colorado. 

“The Jewish community has been instrumental in building the Democratic party and we are outraged party leaders would even consider running a resolution when antisemitism is skyrocketing. We refuse to sit on the sidelines and let the far left dictate the direction of our party. Resolutions like this lead to open hostility and hate speech targeting Jews, giving permission to antisemitic rhetoric and emboldening the pro-Hamas movement, and we have had enough. This is not Germany in 1938; we will not go silently into the night,” added Dawn Reinfeld, Co-Founder of Stop Antisemitism Colorado.

Stop Antisemitism Colorado was founded to address the vitriol and demonization from the far left that is fracturing the Democratic party. We will continue to fight tooth and nail against anyone who seeks to gain power at the expense of our safety and push back against elected officials or candidates for public office who traffic in antisemitism or seek to marginalize us.

Prior to the meeting, Stop Antisemitism Colorado signed the following letter to all members of the Democratic State Central Committee:

While we appreciate the opportunity to share our perspective with Democratic Party Leadership last week, we learned about this resolution when it was too late to prevent it from coming to the State Central Committee or to influence its language. Unfortunately, this resolution is going to be voted on tonight and it will further harm the Colorado Jewish community. 

 The resolution as drafted fails to achieve balance and makes a false equivalence between Israeli and American Jews with internationally designated terrorist organizations. Incredibly, the resolution portion of the document does not even call for release of hostages including those Americans held for more than eight months.

As such, we are disappointed that the Colorado Democratic Party is debating a resolution that condemns Israel disproportionately to its condemnations of Hamas and the other terrorists who raped and murdered Jews on October 7, and continue to attack Israel every day since. This is not in the interest of our community, Colorado or the Democratic Party.

We have called on all members of the State Central Committee to vote against this resolution and speak up against the alarming rise in antisemitism on the political left and at protests across Colorado. We ask that the party’s State Central Committee treat us as they would treat any other minority who has experienced a shocking rise in animosity and outright hatred. Please keep in mind that this resolution is being debated in the aftermath of a massacre by those whose stated goal is to see Jews and the world’s only Jewish state wiped off the face of the earth.


American Jewish Committee
Anti-Defamation League Mountain States
Israeli American Coalition
Jewish Community Relations Council of Colorado
Rocky Mountain Rabbis and Cantors
Stop Antisemitism Colorado

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  1. This is some truly fascist religious extremism. I’m ashamed to be a Colorado Jew among these hateful blind Zionists. You are committing genocide.

  2. "Fascist religious extremism???" I'll be charitable and assume EG's comments are simply misguided. He doesn't even know the definition of "genocide."
    Thank goodness for Stop Antisemitism Colorado!

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