Letter: So Called Palestinian Causes

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Bruce Ticker has discovered the Palestinians’ definition of “intersectionality.” (“Column: So Called Palestinian Causes No Civil Rights” boulderjewishnews.org January 12, 2023) The “Pro-Palestinian” demonstrators feel everyone should support them, even if they do not support their allies’ causes.
Thus, we have seen the strange phenomena of gays and feminists announcing that they stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle. These allies would probably tell us that they oppose Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians who are simply seeking to have a state of their own. The allies haven’t asked themselves why Palestinian leaders have refused to negotiate on multiple Israeli and US proposals that could have led to the founding of the first-ever-to-exist Arab State of Palestine. Nor have the allies
considered simple truth. If Hamas was able to build its extensive network of terror-tunnels under Gaza, how can Hamas claim that an Israeli blockade prevented Hamas from developing the economy of the
enclave that Israel put under Palestinian administration nearly thirty years ago? It should be clear to everyone that Palestinian leaders are not working to build a state; they are working to destroy the Jewish

And, those leaders are willing to sacrifice Palestinians to their cause. The missiles that Hamas fires at Israeli population centers cause few deaths or injuries, not because they are harmless toys but
because Israel has excellent anti-missile defense systems, there are private and public shelters, and Israelis have learned to get to shelter quickly when an alert sounds. A good number of the missiles fired by Hamas malfunction and land in Gaza where they have killed civilians. It was a malfunctioning missile that landed in a munitions cache that Hamas had placed in the parking lot of the Al Ahli hospital. Hamas initially blamed an Israeli airstrike for the damage to the hospital and exaggerated the results. (We were told 500 people died when the hospital was destroyed. The major damage was a crater where the parking lot had been; perhaps 50 people were injured).

I have long been amazed at Palestinian success in convincing students that Zionism is so evil that anyone who ever supported it is irredeemably evil and should be shunned by decent society. Not that long ago, a number of student groups at Berkeley Law School put clauses in their charters stating that no one who had ever spoken on behalf of Israel would be invited to speak before the groups on any topic. Thus, students at Berkeley Law had pledged not to invite Alan Dershowitz to talk to them about the role of the defense lawyer in a criminal trial.

Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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