Letter: Justice Shall Set You Free…at The Hague

Dear Letter to the Editor:

The International Court of Justice in the Netherlands in 2024 is just another iteration in a long line of European antisemitic judiciaries that have existed to humiliate, persecute and often execute Jews. 

In 1894 the French government was assisted by a military judicial tribunal that persecuted Alfred Dreyfus because he was a Jew in what would become “the Dreyfus Affair”.

In 1952 Stalin’s government staged an antisemitic trial in which 13 Jewish intellectuals were convicted by judges and executed in what is called “The Night of the Murdered Poets”.

Beginning in 1934 the Nazi People’s Court whose most infamous black robed jurist was Roland Freisler, as well as other Nazi courts, convicted and sentenced to death thousands of Jews for “Volk Treason”…..what today is called by jurists at the International Court of Justice “genocide”.

The present members of the International Court of Justice in The Netherlands have the same level of esteem and prominence today as the following members of the German judiciary did between 1934-1945 when they administered justice in their flowing blacks robes to Jews. Their “achievements” at Nuremberg are listed next to their names: 

Curt Rothenburger..sentenced to 7 years.
Joseph Altstotter…sentenced to 5 years
Franz Schlegelberger…Life
Oswald Rothenberget…Life commuted to 20
Gunther Joel…Sentenced to 10 years
Herbst Klemm..Life commuted to 20
Ernst Lautz..Sentenced to 10 years
Wolfgang Mettgerburg…Sentenced to 10 years
Rudolf Oeschey…Life commuted to 20
Wilhelm von Ammon…Sentenced to 10 years

(The most prominent and esteemed members of this prominent and esteemed German judiciary died or committed suicide by 1945.)

From France to Germany to Russia to Holland esteemed and prominent European antisemitic judiciaries  have used and are using the cover of their sweeping black robes to persecute Jews …. and always call it justice.

At the International Court of Justice in The Hague in Holland today seventeen Roland Freisler wannabes figuratively welcome the Jewish people of Israel with an echo of that same phrase that not that long ago  “welcomed” Jews to Oswiecim, Poland: Justice Shall Set You Free.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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