Letter: Know Them By the Choices They Make

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Jewish refugees (https://www.nytimes.com/1948/05/16/archives/jews-in-grave-danger-in-all-moslem-lands-nine-hundred-thousand-in.html ) who re-established Israel built a society worth living in, unlike Arab refugees in Gaza, with billions in international aid, who built only terror tunnels. And they brainwashed their grandchildren and great-grandchildren into becoming  murderers and rapists who recorded their medieval bestiality on GoPros. 

Nevertheless hypocrites call on Israel to lay down her arms. Read the Hamas and PLO Charters. Palestinians believe their “nationalism” is irreconcilable with Jewish survival in a sovereign Israel.

Those who fail to see that Israel has been existentially attacked by Hamas need to watch Ghazi Hamad, of Hamas’s  political bureau, vow on television that Hamas will repeat the October 7 massacre of Israel until Israel is annihilated. See it here:  

Paraphrasing Moshe Dayan, people of good will, blinded by the light in their hearts, fail to see the fatal gleam of the Palestinian knife.

Julia Lutch
Davis, CA

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They call me "NewsHound IV," because I'm a clever Finnegan, sniffing out stories all over the Boulder area. I love Jewish holidays because the food is GREAT, especially the brisket. Well all the food. I was a rescue pup and glad to be on the scent!

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