Letter: Response to Jonathan Glazer

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Jonathan Glazer is rightly proud of his movie for showing the horrors that can be wrought by dehumanization. Unfortunately, he errs in thinking that Israel is dehumanizing the Palestinians. It is, in fact, Israelis who are being dehumanized by Palestinian leaders who have refused multiple Israeli and US proposals that should have led to the establishment of the first-ever Arab State of Palestine years ago.

Many people considered to be “Pro-Palestinian” will tell you that the rejected offers weren’t really as generous as is claimed by Israel’s supporters. My answer to that assertion is that Palestinian leaders should have negotiated with Israel until a mutually accepted agreement was reached. But the Palestinian leaders chose violence instead of negotiation. The Hamas Charter specifies that negotiation is futile; only jihad will end the conflict. Furthermore, “Israel will continue to exist until Muslims destroy it.”

Hamas terror group’s charter explicitly calls for Israel’s destruction: ‘Fight Jews and kill them’ | American Military News

And Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, contends that only Israel needs to make concessions; the Palestinians do not. In fiery speech, Abbas rejects Jerusalem concessions | The Times of Israel Abbas also asserts that maintaining the liquidity of the PA’s Martyr’s Fund is his highest financial obligation. Abbas vows to continue stipends to terrorists even with PA’s ‘last penny’ | The Times of Israel

Anti-Jewish rhetoric spews from Palestinian classrooms, mosques, and media outlets. Palestinians who dare to work for peace with Israel are condemned for ‘Normalizing the Occupation.

https://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/crime-palestinians-eating-with-a-jew/2020/05/24/ – Google Search

People need to realize that Palestinians are suffering under the (mis)governance of Hamas and the PA. Everyone should be urging Hamas to release the hostages and surrender. Then, America, the Arab nations which have joined in the Abraham Accords, and the EU should work with Israel on demilitarizing Gaza and deradicalizing the Palestinians, recognizing that it will take years of effort to complete the process.

Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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