Introducing Passover Around the World: Teen Cooking Class

Passover is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning the menu for your seder. If you have a teen who is a food enthusiast, they are invited to join us on Monday, April 15th from 5-7pm for a delicious and hands-on culinary journey. Embark on a global culinary adventure in preparation for Passover with Chef Miche Bacher and have them get inspired to contribute to the family meal. Passover Around the World: Teen Cooking Class is designed to introduce food lovers to diverse Passover traditions.

Hosted by renowned Chef Miche, a nutritional chef, and award-winning author, this interactive cooking class promises an enlightening and delectable experience for teenagers who love to cook. Participants will not only have the opportunity to learn and prepare recipes from various Passover celebrations worldwide, but they will also gain knowledge regarding the customs and food traditions associated with each location. From the tantalizing flavors of Sephardic cuisine to the warmth of family recipes, participants will gain invaluable skills and insight into the rich tapestry of Passover traditions.

This program goes beyond simply teaching cooking techniques. Through lively discussions and interactive demonstrations, Chef Miche will delve into the cultural significance of Passover in various regions, shedding light on customs, rituals, and food practices. If your teen is interested in future cooking classes, this is a great sample class to prepare their pallet for future cooking workshops at the Boulder JCC.

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