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Threadbare Sails from the West

I'm untangling a necklace with gold links of lace
while I listen to
Trump spewing words of hate.
The news is filled with MAGA
banning books, trying to erase a writer's thought.
Anne Frank has been taken off the shelves, and so the same hate that bans this book
has sprung from another hate.

We must take just one more step
to learn to love without regret what's precious in
everyone, though we may not be 
one of them.

Which cold heart cannot feel
all those tortured trails of souls?
Who cannot understand
the fallen tears of another man?
What country does not know
the love of freedom
in the rise of hills?

Our ex-President's reciting Mein Kamf, with a little mind
that can't sense much.
He repeats the age-old loathsome 
vile that immigrants 
are less than us.

Their blood is bad, Trump spews venom to 
a country whose best words say,

-Give me your tired, your poor.
Your huddled masses…'

Lighten, lighten your hair
so nobody knows
the roots of hate that show
way down there.
No matter how you dye and dab, 
we all know your deep, dark thoughts
stolen from the Lost and Found
that no one wants to claim again.

Empathy is not a genetic trait. 
It must be grown 
on a sunny window's sill and watered with love once and awhile,
taught to ones too young to know
the faces of every kind of soul,
and kept alive by the fireside
in stories of those who still can
remember peace.

Our hearts should never harden so hard that we forget
the pain that lies underneath
the sad truth of the human race!

We're all strangers in every generation, walking  the truth of every age, while keeping the essence of those strangers that were once us.

Ukraine fatigue is a small mind's
To be allies through thick and thin that would be what God would want, if not ourselves alone.
Being part of a grander scheme
means truly, truly everything.
Haven't all our heroes
chosen truth and denied the lies,
finding the light over night?

Now Israel faces another round
of an age old hate going back
so many thousand years ago,
between two brothers
who had the same father
who loved them both.

Money is nothing
in the end when our honor
is put to test.  
A democracy seems a worthwhile
cause in times where
shadows gather in every port.
Useless junk can be left behind
as freedom awaits
to find rebirth.

Threadbare sails
from the West
give David his strap and rock,
for the few under armed who fight Goliaths near and far.

Tolkien's epic story said,
the elves came to the man's aid
at Helm's Deep, 
to aid the dawn of man.
Saving our race who
fought way back when
the gathering storm
loomed in the East.
Can we find ourselves in them?

Love one another as ourselves,
didn't God tell Moses somewhere
along the way?
And didn't we say, God's the best of us,
so we will follow Him from generation to generation,
with no second thought or hesitation?

We should be proud
that we still have love.
Let us be a dream, in a heroic
stand waving our stars and stripes
in the fog of war, fighting 
with the best of us.

About Lisa Tremback

I started writing in Elementary school and was published in school and local newspapers. I graduated from Kishwaukee College with an A.A. in English and a certificate in Computer Operations. I later studied under the poet, Bill Knox, at Columbia College in Chicago. I have been published at Colorado State University's underground newspaper. I enjoy writing almost every day and love to write about my relationship with G-d.

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