October 7, 2023- A Poem

October 7, 2023 – A Poem

A Shining Light has gone dark.
Hate is everywhere.

In despair we scream,
in fear we may hide,
with our losses we cry.

This pain may never heal,
this horror never to leave our memory.

May shadows of hope
peer through the veil of darkness.

 Love shines down on us all,
it never forgets –
always motivating us
to do better, to be better.

In this darkness
we seek you Hashem,
we reach for the Eternal Light.

Only with Love can the world
truly heal from tragedy.


About Todd Greenberg

A Jew by birth, a seeker for 60 years. Having realized that all my previous studies and searching brought me back to Judaism as the foundation for my Spiritual practice and my connection to Hashem. Life's love and all that has been challenged in me has been inspirational over the last year to write poetry. Thank you for the opportunity to share what is in my heart and mind.

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