Letter: Schiff Censure Justified

Adam Schiff’s censure has nothing to do with the fact that he is Jewish but everything to do with the fact he lied to Congress. (Column: Adam Schiff’s Censure Amounts to Antisemitism, BJN 6/30/23). He perpetrated a false narrative using a dossier paid for by a political opponent that he knew was false. In so doing he wasted years of our legislature’s time and tens of millions of taxpayer funds attempting on multiple occasions to impeach a President. All of his attempts were costly, all of these attempts failed.

I am Jewish and had I been in Congress I would not have only voted for Schiff’s censure but also his removal. You lose credibility to both our people and our faith if you shout “antisemitism” as an excuse for any member of our faith to behave badly and avoid accountability. Schiff is a congenital liar. Alfred Dreyfus and Leo Frank he is not. 

Brett Kingstone
Orlando, FL

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