Letter: Hebron in August 1929 Says It All

Dear Letter to the Editor:

If you listen or read the main stream media or listen to 99% of university administrators today, you would think that Hamas and the Auschwitz-like horrors that it inflicted on the Jewish people on October 7 is an aberration and that for entirety of the rest of recorded history Muslims have treated the Jewish people with respect and tolerance.


Let’s go back to the beginning in 627 in Medina when Mohammed was in total military control. The Mohammed that every Muslim celebrates as perfect. 

How did he treat the Jews with respect and tolerance? As per the Koran he commanded the decapitation of 600-900 unarmed Jewish men and the kidnapping and sexual enslavement of 1000 Jewish girls and women. Sound familiar. It should. It is the identical way that Hamas treated the Jews of Israel on October 7.

Of course there will those who will plead that Medina in 627 was an aberration along with Oct 7 and but for those two moments in history Muslims have always treated Jews with respect and tolerance.

Sorry, two might be a coincidence, but three is not.

In August 1929 long before Israel existed the Muslim people once again demonstrated that October 7 was no aberration.

The brilliant Italian historian Giulio Meotti in “A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism” (2009) eloquently documents the vicious murders of hundreds of Jews by Arabs in the in the 20th and 21st centuries including how Muslims treated the Jews of Hebron in August 1929… once again  at a time when Israel did not exist:

“The Pogrom in Hebron began on August 23, 1929 when two Talmudists had their throats slit. They were not making political speeches; they were just searching for G-d. The next day it was the turn of about fifty Jews who had taken refuge in the Anglo-Palestine Bank. They were all together in one room; it didn’t take long for the Arabs to find them. The Arabs hacked off feet, fingers, heads; they gouged out eyeballs; they burned severed heads on top of a stove. One rabbi was commending his fellow Jews to G-d when he was slaughtered. One by one six students were placed on the lap of Mrs. Sololov, who was still alive, and their throats were slit. The men were castrated. Girls, mothers, grandmothers were forced to dance in the blood and then were raped. Meanwhile, Rabbi Slonin had been taken to the hospital. ‘They have killed my wife, my children, my wife’s family.’ There were tears in his eyes.’ In 1492, the Jews who had been expelled from Spain brought a scroll of the Law to Hebron, a holy scroll, a divine Torah. The Arabs burned it.”

— “A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism“, Giulio Meotti, 2009, pp 111-112

Sound familiar. Of course.

One can draw a straight line from Medina in 627 to Hebron in August 1929 to Israel on October 7. Anyone who believes that October 7 can be limited to Hamas and does not represent 1400 years of  Islamic history is standing in line to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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