Letter: ADL Deeply Disturbed by Colorado State Lawmaker’s Disruption 

Dear Letter to the Editor:

I agree with ADL’s Scott Levin that it was inappropriate for Representative Epps to try to insert anti-Israel language into legislation regarding a program to provide food for poor children. (ADL Deeply Disturbed by Colorado State Lawmaker’s Disruption of Special Legislative Session, BJN 11/22/23.) Her attempts to deny Rep. Weinberg his First Amendment right to speak against her proposal were truly beyond the pale.

As we are seeing an increasing number of “pro-Palestinian” demonstrations (more properly labelled “anti-Israel”), it’s important to understand the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians so that, if given the opportunity, we can defend Israel.

Rep. Epps proposed amendment was in support of BDS, a movement calling for Boycotting, Divesting from, and Sanctioning Israel. It supposedly targets Israeli owned companies in Area C, the section of Judea and Samaria which Oslo put under full Israeli control. The organizers of the BDS movement openly admit that the aim of BDS is not simply closing Israeli businesses down. Rather, BDS seeks the destruction of the nation-state of the Jews. Yet, Israeli businesses in Area C should be lauded for employing Israelis and Palestinians who work side by side and serving both Israeli and Palestinian consumers with quality goods at reasonable prices. These businesses are living proof that Israelis and Palestinians can co-exist peacefully, a first step toward “Two States for Two Peoples,” a Palestinian state alongside the nation-state of the Jews, with members of minority groups having full civil rights in their country of residence. Sadly, for the Palestinians, their leaders still dream of a Jew-free Palestine and a Muslim-majority Israel populated by Palestine refugees (so designated by UNRWA), multi-generational descendants of Arabs who fled Palestine in the 1940’s, during Arab-initiated violence aimed at preventing the establishment of a modern Jewish state in our ancestral homeland. Like all Palestinians living under the administration of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the “refugees” have grown up seeing Palestinians honored and rewarded for killing Jews. No Jew would be safe in a Muslim-majority Israel.  

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Toby F. Block
Atlanta, GA

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