Join Jewish Meditation: Toe in the Water or Diving Deep

Join Jewish Meditation: Toe in the Water or Diving Deep

Looking for community and a way to add Jewish mindfulness in to your life??

Every weekday morning from 9 to 9:30 a.m. there is a mindfulness community that gathers, on zoom daily, and in person on Tuesdays (at Nevei Kodesh) and Thursdays (at the BJCC) to meditate, share, and offer healing prayers and say Kaddish. All are welcome to join, whether you are new to meditation, or have a long-standing practice.

This evolving group started in the early days of the Pandemic, when anxiety was running high, and many non-meditators were turning to the practice for comfort and support. After three years, the group has weathered hard times — illness and loss — and happy times together, always looking for ways to find meaning in the big and small moments of life with like-minded seekers.

The format of these morning sessions, which are offered on Zoom by the Boulder JCC, is a short 5 minute teaching that sets an intension for the the sit, followed by 18 minutes of silence (during which many people turn off their cameras), followed by 5 minutes of sharing and then the opportunity to offer healing prayers to those in our lives who are in need, and the reciting of Kaddish. It’s a short, but powerful way to start your day, experience your meditation practice, and connect with others. The group meets Monday through Friday from 9 to 9:30 a.m.

To give you a taste of what you will find when you zoom in for morning meditation, here is a beautiful teaching Suzanne Weiss, a certified meditation and yoga teacher, recently shared with the group. Suzanne is one of the many teachers who have shared their words and wisdom with the group:

Good morning!

How is it for you today? Instead of resisting how it is, or fixing that, or changing that, begin to allow that, to meet that. 

And if you find that there’s some resistance to how it is today, and maybe there is some resistance, then, you can just meet that resistance. Allow that. Begin to notice how that feels, as a sensation in your body. 

My question today is, what is stillness?  It’s a beautiful question. What is stillness? Where is stillness? Who is stillness?

Usually there’s so many events happening in our lives, or so many feelings happening, that we’re like a boat on top of the ocean. And we’re being tossed from side to side in the waves, and in the wind.

But in meditation we’re invited beneath the waves. We go into the body, we go deeper.

And we start to perceive the circumstances that are happening on the surface of our lives from the depths. 

And in this way we start to recognize that in a way we’re always meditating. I know that’s a strange statement to make, but in a way we’re always meditating. What we call our formal meditation practice is when we shift our attention towards those depths.

We’re just shifting our attention. But the depths are always there, always here. And the depths are at peace. The depths are Chesed, loving-kindness, and we have the freedom to accept or reject the invitation to “be” in any moment of our lives.

To accept the invitation to be held in the depths… is to rest. The depths are right here, right now, in fact, only right here right now, in this present moment.

So meditation is an invitation for the mind to rest in its source. For the mind to rest, in emptiness. And we can begin to notice that it’s possible to stop, to simply stop what we are doing, stop controlling, to stop fixing. 

 The depths are not affected by the circumstances, by the waves, nor are they apathetic to the waves. They are intimate. They are loving, the depths are allowing, and they are not diminished by the waves. They are not damaged. They are not traumatized.

Stillness is infinite. Beneath and beyond language, roles, past, present, and future. And each time we connect with stillness our connection gets stronger. Each time we bathe our organs and our cells in stillness, we strengthen our recognition of the peace of our essential nature.

We allow stillness to find us. It’s a deep prayer.

And so let’s rest in 18 Minutes of Silence.

Click here to register for morning meditation and get the zoom link.

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