How Dare You?

How dare you take our blood
And tears
And turn it into paint

To paint a picture
So disturbing and chaotic
For the world to see

Muting the colors

Of our beautiful country
Of our gorgeous nation

Muting us
And muting every story

Painting over every shred of humanity
As if we are not human
But villains in our own storybook

Meanwhile our blood and tears
Are splattered across the canvas
Once whole
Now torn to shreds

A part of me shattered that day

At the music festival
At the Kibbutz
In the rubble and ashes

But most of all
My belief in humanity
Has begun to fade

But then a bright dash of color comes along
Ignites hope within me
As they brighten everyone around them
And bring color back to life

I’ve never been more despondent
yet full of hope
At the same time

We will rise above the ashes
Like an eagle soaring above the world

My people are strong
My people are colorful
The most vibrant shades and hues
On the gloomiest day

The sun is black
It’s rays full of doom
Hiding behind the moon

But the sun will shine again
Stronger and brighter than ever before

Malky Allouch is an experienced copywriter living in Denver, CO with her husband and son. Her passions and hobbies include writing creative content, chasing after her toddler, and video editing social media reels.
Malky is passionate about Israel and giving a voice to those underrepresented on social media, with a special emphasis on Orthodox Jewry.

About Malky Allouch

Malky is an aspiring Occupational Therapist. Co-founder of a non-profit teen mentorship initiative called Linkks, Malky has been passionately involved in Special Education as well as advocating for mental health awareness. As the second daughter of Rabbi Pesach and Chany Scheiner, she has been pivotal in helping spread the light and joy of the Boulder County Center for Judaism for the past 23 years. Malky resides with her newly married husband in Denver, CO.

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  1. Beautiful, Malky. You spoke to every conflicting feeling so many of us are experiencing all at once. Thank you.