The Grace of Aging

By Aneesha Parrone

I recently read “Compassion is the ultimate mitzvah.” As a Jew, this is a beacon of tenderness for my heart and mind to stay on track in life. We carry our midot wherever we go.  It is choice that lifts them from our pockets of our intentions into the world and offer them out to others. When the mitzvah is of particular essence, giver and receiver melt into the radiance of love.

Recently, I have returned to teaching fibers classes in local retirement residencies: independent living, assisted living and primarily, memory care units. I chose to live a life of dignity, and as such, I choose to see others in that light. This, I have learned, makes the difference in the quality of our moments together, whether devotion for children, partners, friends, or others in the community. There is no “me and them”; there is only “us” and prisms of colors, smiles, and hugs.  In terms of the work in memory care, I, as a facilitator, staff, and participants are united in support and a caring that warms the honoring into artful expressions.

No matter the propensity of prayer, politics, affiliation, we all will grow old.  Our bodies, our thoughts, even our memories may become abridged in the present moment. What sustains is love, non-judgmental compassion. When the prism of light is honored, sacred mysteries can illuminate the room.  Tikkun is a Living Presence.

If you would like Arpana Aneesha Studios to come and work with seniors, please contact Aneesha at with Seniors in the reference box.  To learn more about Aneesha and her studio, please go to:

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