L’Dor V’Dor Art Program

L’Dor V’Dor…From Generation to generation. Tvi Freeman writes: “Each generation has its role in history.” Zakein, often translated as old, is synonymous in Jewish values as wise.

At Fraser Senior Living in Boulder, the veneration of the dignity of life and individuals passes this legacy of honor to each generation of volunteers. Once a month we have a “Trip to the Museum” where we have a little art history and discussion of a PowerPoint presentation. Recently, we visited the Asian Art section of our museum and viewed landscape painting.

In our bi-monthly art classes, there is an innate flowing of appreciation. Sometimes high school students assist residents with holding a brush, or application of paint to a brush. Other times, volunteers ask the input from their wise friends, discussing what they enjoyed in our “Trip to the Museum.” “What are your choices?”  Questions of colors, placement of lines, shapes, mages.

Other times, our friends want to talk and share while a volunteer listens and / or paints. This was the case for a retired preschool teacher who just celebrated her 104th birthday. The loving gaze on the young student was a palpable gemilut chasadim, lovingkindness, that melted all our hearts. Transmission of such living honors all generations.  This compassion is inspiring.

We can never underestimate the power of a tender hearted exchange and how the lives of future generations can impact a  more peace filled, loving  world.

For more information on Art Class offered by Arpana Aneesha Studio, Contact Aneesha at aneeshaparrone@yahoo.com.

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