Letter: The Lethal Power of Arab Stone Throwing

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Time and again the main stream media minimizes the planned Arab violence against Jews in Israel by calling it stone throwing. In fact there is a list of Jews including infants and young children murdered in Israel by Arab stone throwing: Yehuda Shoham, 5 months old, June 2001, stoned to death by Palestinian Arabs; Yonaton Palmer, 363 days old, September 2011, stoned to death by Palestinian Arabs; Adele Biton, 4 years old when she died on February 17, 2015 as a result of being stoned by Palestinian Arabs on March 14, 2013.

Among other Jews murdered by Palestinian Arab stone throwing are Asher Palmer (24), Yonaton’s father. Also Either Ohana (21) was murdered by Palestinian Arab stone throwing in January 1983. The Palestinian Arabs who throw stones at Jews in Israel intend to murder them, and sometimes they do.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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