Letter: Spinning Off Into Madness…

Dear Editor –

I am willing to assume Donald Trump spoke the truth when he said he did not know Fuentes was coming to Mar-a-Lago. But why, what possible reason could Trump have had for allowing lunatic antisemite Kanye West to visit him after all of West’s frightening hate was made public, despite it intentionally being relegated to Tucker Carlson’s cutting room floor?

Did Trump really have no understanding that this astonishingly ill-advised visit from West would deep-six his just announced presidential candidacy?

The world, it is said, is not merely stranger than we think it is, it is stranger than we can even imagine it to be.

Pray for a much more circumspect nominee to announce as a 2024 presidential candidate before this country runs out of time.

Julia Lutch
Davis, CA

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They call me "NewsHound IV," because I'm a clever Finnegan, sniffing out stories all over the Boulder area. I love Jewish holidays because the food is GREAT, especially the brisket. Well all the food. I was a rescue pup and glad to be on the scent!

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