Letter: Finally, Israel Understands PR

Dear Letter to the Editor:

For years Zionists have lamented Israel’s apparent failure to recognize that it has been losing a PR battle led by antisemitic professors at American universities and antisemitic members of the mainstream media. Well, apparently Israel finally got it.

The out of the box appointment of Noa Tishby as Israel’s Special Envoy to Fight Antisemitism and the Delegtimization of Israel represents a sea change in this battle. Tishby established her gravitas as a historian of Israel’s current and past history with the publication last year of her successful book: “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth.” She is an IDF veteran. Also as a recent star of film and television as well as a entertainment producer she attracts a younger audience familiar with social media as she is. She is on record as saying anti-Zionism is 100% antisemitism, a position which aligns her with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

At Cambridge shortly before his death Dr. King said: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews; you’re talking antisemitism”. Noa Tishby will attract the media’s bright lights wherever she goes, and has the knowledge and background to articulate the miracle that is Israel in a unique and persuasive way.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

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