Jerusalem Pride March 2022. (photo credit: DANIEL RACHAMIM Jerusalem Post)

Israeli Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai Attends Jerusalem Pride Parade

“There is no city more suitable for a pride parade than Jerusalem”

(Jerusalem, June 2, 2022Statement from Minister Shai) Today, we take to the streets to celebrate inclusivity, tolerance, and diversity. Today we celebrate that every gay man and every gay woman has a place here in Israel. “Love should not need to be hidden in the closet” – and everyone must have the freedom to choose who to love. The diversity we see today encapsulates the true essence of what the State of Israel is all about. We are stronger when we all are included.

This year’s Pride Parade marks 20 years of LGBTQ+ celebrations in Jerusalem, and there is no city more suitable for hosting this event than the capital of the State of Israel. A multifaceted city, infused with diverse cultures, languages and beliefs. A city combining old neighborhoods alongside new. Jerusalem is a city for all streams and for all religions and for people – and there is room for everyone.

This parade symbolizes boundless love, a shattering of old conventions and an embrace of all different shades and types of people. No one can deter us from marching here and no one can deter us from celebrating these core values.

On Saturday, we will be celebrating the festival of Shavuot. Before the Jewish nation received the Torah, they pledged “we will do and we will listen”. This is a strong message for the Jewish people until today. We cannot afford to alienate or isolate any Jew. We must apply the meaning of this verse in doing all we can to ensure inclusivity and to deeply listen to all sides and perspectives with understanding and love.  Our strength as a Jewish people is in the diversity and openness of our broad tent. I am deeply dedicated to pluralistic values both within Israel and across the Jewish world and am privileged to take part in this march for pride and tolerance.

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