Foundation Partnership Helps Boost Legacy Giving for Jewish Organizations

The Denver-Boulder Jewish community is part of a nationwide giving initiative to increase the number of legacy donors and magnify the impact of these gifts. 

Rose Community Foundation is partnering with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) on a new initiative called Each One Reach One, with the goal of increasing the number of donors that have committed to leaving a legacy gift to a Jewish organization.

Part of the Live On | LIFE & LEGACY™ program, a four-year partnership between HGF and Rose Community Foundation, this new effort encourages committed legacy donors to share their stories and motivations for leaving a legacy gift with their family and friends, helping others understand their passion for Jewish organizations and communities. The goal is that by sharing these personal stories, others will be inspired to also leave a legacy.

“Legacy gifts are a wonderful way to help organizations sustain their work for generations,” says Amelia Fink, Director of Nonprofit Funds and Endowments at Rose Community Foundation and community lead of the Live On | LIFE & LEGACY™ program for the Denver-Boulder region. “It allows everyone to be a philanthropist, to acknowledge the impact local Jewish programs have had on their life and to make it possible for future generations to have a similar experience.”

“Imagine if each of you reached out to one other person, shared why you left a legacy and encouraged your friend or family member to join you,” said Arlene D. Schiff of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. “We would double our numbers and the Jewish future would be twice as bright.”

LIFE & LEGACY is a national initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, which is investing to ensure the long-term financial health of Jewish community organizations. Rose Community Foundation’s Live On: Build Your Jewish Legacy program provides incentive grants, marketing resources, coaching and training to Jewish organizations in Denver and Boulder to encourage endowment building through legacy gifts. Since 2005, the local initiative has resulted in over 1,700 legacy commitments valued at approximately $90 million.

Current participants in the Live On | LIFE & LEGACY™ program are:

To leave a legacy gift to any of these organizations, donors can reach out to their representatives directly or contact Rose Community Foundation. As part of the Each One Reach One campaign, HGF and Rose Community Foundation are offering incentives to organizations that secure new legacy gifts.

“Providing Jewish communities with proven tools and training to help them secure their long-term financial goals is absolutely vital,” said Harold Grinspoon, founder of HGF. “Through this program, I’m hopeful that we will be able to sustain vibrant communities that allow future generations to enjoy our rich Jewish culture and heritage.”

About Rose Community Foundation

Rose Community Foundation strives to advance inclusive, engaged and equitable Greater Denver communities through values-driven philanthropy. The Foundation envisions a thriving region strengthened by its diversity and generosity, and it utilizes the varied tools at its disposal – grantmaking, advocacy and philanthropic services – to advance this aspiration. Since its founding in 1995, the Foundation has granted more than $327 million to nearly 2,000 organizations and initiatives, including $55 million in facilitated grantmaking from donor-advised funds. The Foundation has also supported nearly 70 nonprofit organizations in creating and growing endowments to sustain their vital work into the future, currently stewarding $49 million in endowed assets. The Foundation has $330 million in total assets under management, with annual grantmaking of nearly $25 million. 

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