Spring Adult Education at Bonai Shalom Kicks Off in February

On Sunday, February 16th, at 2:00 pm, come to Bonai for the first of a series of Jewish Healing Classes. In this experiential class, we will explore what healing means through the lenses of Judaism and Chinese Medicine. In addition to engaging in text and dialogue there will be a guided embodied meditation and exercises. The intention is for participants to not just walk away with new intellectual knowledge, but also return home with some new skills and an enhanced relationship with themselves and spirit. This class is taught by Bonai member Dr. Noah K. Goldstein DACM L.Ac.

On Thursday, February 19th, at 7:00 pm, Rabbi Marc will be offering Siddur 101. Nearly all of us have gaps in our Jewish knowledge. Whether you were raised secular, are a Jew-by-choice, or grew up in Jewish institutions, you likely have some questions that you feel afraid to ask about the prayer service. The Siddur is the book of our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly prayers and blessings. We will explore the structure and content of this ancient Jewish compendium. This class will not assume what its students know, but will have the utmost faith in their ability to learn and design their own Jewish expression. There is no shame in not knowing. Join us!!

On Thursday, February 27th, at 7:00 pm, Rabbi Marc will teach a course entitled When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up: Jewish Spiritual Practices for Framing the Day, at the Turgels’ home. The Jewish prayer liturgy can feel overwhelming and just something else to incorporate in our busy, daily lives. In this class, we will look at some simple morning and night time rituals and prayers than can bring the depth of Jewish wisdom into our mornings and nights. RSVP to office@bonaishalom.org for address.

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