Lastest News from Hillel at CU Boulder

Hillel of Colorado’s CU-Boulder Hillel continues its progress toward becoming one of the country’s top Hillels.

Linda Loewenstein, interim CU-Boulder Hillel Director

After six months of meeting and research, a blue-ribbon facility task force made up of students, alumni, Denver and Boulder leaders, and Hillel of Colorado representatives has recommended removing the listing on the Boulder Hillel House. Instead of selling it, they have chosen to bring it in compliance with all regulations, and make it more attractive and welcoming for incoming students and parents. This temporary improvement will serve well until the task force reconvenes within two years to master-plan the site to best serve fast-growing Hillel student and programming needs.

Noah Herreid- CU-Boulder Program Specialist

Hillel is further pleased to announce that Linda Loewenstein, interim CU-Boulder Hillel Director, has agreed to lead CU-Boulder Hillel for another academic year, implementing our strategic plan for 2017-2018 while further stabilizing programs and integrating staff. Noah Herreid, CU-Boulder alumnus, has been promoted to full-time CU-Boulder Hillel’s Program Specialist; Lindsay Migdal completes the team, returning for a third year as CU-Boulder Hillel Israel Specialist. Hillel of Colorado will enlist community stakeholder assistance in its process to begin a national search for a permanent Campus Director in early winter 2017, with the position to begin summer 2018.

Lindsay Migdal- CU-Boulder Israel Specialist

CU-Boulder Hillel took 160 students on Birthright Israel in the 2016-17 academic year – becoming the second largest Hillel Birthright Israel school in the country. Students also participated in numerous and varied Israel advocacy programs sponsored by five national and international organizations, who shared expertise and grant funding.

Hillel of Colorado is commited to inspiring every student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel. As a student-run, staff-supported nonprofit, Hillel engages students in comprehensive visioning, planning, and budget processes –nurturing tomorrow’s Jewish communal leaders and preparing students for Jewish life on campus and beyond.

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