Winemaker, Winemaker, Make Me a Malbec

Who knew you could celebrate Shabbat, the local food movement, and learn about Colorado’s booming wine industry all in one night? This is what happens when Flatiron Tribe and Hazon partner on events!IMG_7947

Last Thursday was the kickoff event for “Drink Local Shabbat,” a series of events that is deconstructing thethree main components of Shabbat (candles, wine, and challah) and putting a local drinking twist on everything. An intimate gathering of young Jewish adults paid a visit to Bookcliff Vineyards to sample some delicious wine, hear about Colorado’s booming wine industry, and chat with Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny about why wine is so important to Judaism. Everyone in attendance had a great time, with one participant stated, “it was the perfect mix of content and schmoozing.”

And this is just the beginning! On Tuesday, April 14th, there will be a gathering at Upslope Brewery (1898 S. Flatiron Court) where we’ll hear from Rabbi Marc Soloway about the relationship between challah and beer, as well as about Upslope’s sustainable canning process. Then on Wednesday, May 6th, we will head to the Redstone Meadery (4700 Pearl St.) to sample some honey wine, make our own beeswax candles, and hear from some local beekeepers on how beekeeping can be a Jewish practice. This series of programs will culminate on July 10th, when we have a Shabbat in the Park at North Boulder Park, where we will reminisce about this series of events, sample these delicious local concoctions, and welcome Shabbat together.

If you have any questions or want more information on any of these events, or any of the programs that Flatiron Tribe offers, please contact Michael Rosenzweig at: If you are sold already and want to sign up for the upcoming Drink Local Shabbat events, you can Register Here.

About Michael Rosenzweig

Michael Rosenzweig is the former Marketing Director at the Boulder JCC.

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