One Red Hot Film Festival

Nancy Spielberg

10 days in March

22 screenings with talkbacks

16 Boulder premieres

6 biographical tributes to luminaries from Sophie Tucker to Winston Churchill

3 gala special events

2 filmmakers in person

1 red hot film festival

The dates and times of the third annual Boulder Jewish Film Festival – sponsored by the Millstone Evans Group of Raymond James, and Grace and Gordon  Gamm – are now finalized, and posted online at The full (updated) schedule is below.

Mark your calendars now and purchase tickets when they go on sale on February 9, online at We are excited to present a mix of feature films and documentaries that explore popular culture, examine the complexities of the Jewish experience, address current political concerns, and pay tribute to unsung heroes of world history.

Tickets are $12 unless otherwise noted below, and all films feature talkbacks. As the festival’s executive director and founder, I take great pride in guiding conversations and inviting guest speakers to provide insight into the provocative films selected to inspire and stimulate you, our cherished audience.

The list of films below are in chronological order. Our Opening Gala is Sunday, March 15. Our Centerpiece event with Nancy Spielberg is Thursday, March 19, and Closing Night is Sunday, March 22.


richard trankThe Prime Ministers: The Pioneers” – Part 1

Saturday, March 14, 7:45 pm in the Boe

Based on the best-selling book by Ambassador Yehuda Avner, this masterful appraisal of Israel’s formative years provides context for well-known but not easily understood events, casting light on the Six-Day War, Israel’s strategic relationship with the United States, the fight against terrorism, and the impact of the Yom Kippur War.

Directed by: Richard Trank / Starring the voices of Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, Leonard Nimoy, Christoph Waltz

Running time: 115 minutes / Language: Hebrew and English

Talkback: Director Richard Trank

Sponsored by: HW Homes

It is no Dream - HerzlIt Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl

Sunday, March 15, Noon in the Boe

This inspiring historical biography examines how a well-known journalist, playwright, and assimilated Budapest-born Jew – horrified by the Dreyfus trial in Paris and the anti-Semitism he saw spreading across Europe – took upon himself the task of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Directed by: Richard Trank / Narrated by Ben Kingsley and starring the voice of Christoph Waltz as Herzl

Running time: 87 minutes / Language: English

Talkback: Director Richard Trank

Sponsored by: Stand by Israel

churchill2Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny

Sunday, March 15, 2:00 pm in the Boe

An inspirational look at the famed English leader’s early and unpopular opposition to Hitler and Nazism, this biography makes a case for historian Martin Gilbert’s assertion that if Churchill’s warnings about Nazi Germany’s policies towards Jews had been heeded in the early 1930’s, the Holocaust may never have occurred.

Directed by: Richard Trank / Narrated by Ben Kingsley

Running time: 101 minutes / Language: English

Talkback: Director Richard Trank

Sponsored by: Marilyn and Jerry Pinsker


Against the TideAgainst the Tide

Sunday, March 15, 4:15 pm in the Boe

This compelling film documents a shameful and largely ignored chapter in American Holocaust history, dramatically depicting how activist Peter Bergson fought valiantly to rescue Europe’s Jews, challenging both Washington’s apathy and the Jewish establishment’s astounding opposition to the rescue efforts.

Directed by: Richard Trank / Narrated by: Dustin Hoffman

Running time: 102 minutes / Language: English

Talkback:  Director Richard Trank

Sponsored by AEA Consultants: Graham Walker and Howard Bernstein



 richard trankThe Prime Ministers: Soldiers and Peacemakers” – Part 2

Sunday, March 15, 6:30 pm in the Performance Space

This riveting account of Israel’s leadership details negotiating agreements with Egypt, the raid on Entebbe, Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem, the Camp David Accords, the bombing of Iraq’s nuclear facility, the war in Lebanon, the Oslo Accords, and Israel’s ongoing struggle to make peace with its neighbors.

Directed by: Richard Trank / Starring the voices of  Michael Douglas and Christoph Waltz

Running time: 120 minutes / Language: Hebrew and English

Talkback: Director Richard Trank

Sponsored by: Linda Brotman-Evans and US Bank

LONG_WAY_HOMEThe Long Way Home

Monday, March 16, 1:00 pm in the Boe

This heartbreaking and illuminating Academy Award winner depicts the tragic plight of Jews after the gates of the death camps were thrown open, marking the end of one ordeal and the beginning of another for Jews with no home, family or financial resources, facing an uncertain future and an indifferent world.

Directed by: Richard Trank / Narrated by: Morgan Freeman

Running Time: 120 minutes / Language: English and other European languages

Talkback: Director Richard Trank

Sponsored by: Susan Litt

runboyrunRun, Boy, Run” 

Monday, March 16, 4:00 pm in the Boe

Sunday, March 22, 1:00 pm in the Boe

A superbly acted saga of a young boy’s desperate battle for survival, this harrowing drama tells the true story of a Yoram Fridman, who bravely endures the nightmare of the Holocaust alone in the forests – inspired by his father’s admonition to keep his Jewish faith alive. Based on the best-selling novel by Uri Orlev. Chosen for opening night of the Boston Jewish Film Festival.

Directed by: Pepe Darquant

Running time: 107 minutes / Language: Polish

Talkback: Professor Paul Shankman

Sponsored by: Judy and Alan Megibow

24 Days24 Days

Monday, March 16, 7 pm in the Performance Space

This gripping French thriller depicts the personal drama behind the brutal kidnapping of Ilan Halimi in a Paris suburb in 2006. This stunning act of terrorism foretold the firestorm of anti-Semitism raging out of control in France today.

Directed by: Alexandre Arcady

Running Time: 108 minutes / Language: French

Talkback: Rick Ackerman and Sylvain Hayoun

Sponsored by: Rick Ackerman and Sylvain Hayoun, and the Boulder Steering Committee of the Anti-Defamation League


Theodore Bikel In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem_courtesy National Center for Jewish Film_Photo 3Theodore Bikel In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem_courtesy National Center for Jewish Film_Photo 3Theodore Bikel In the ShoesTheodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholem Aleichem

Tuesday, March 17, 4:00 pm in the Boe

This affectionate documentary showcases the artistry of two fabled Jewish talents, who were brought together by a humble milkman: the iconic Jewish literary figure known around the world as Tevye. The film elicits equal appreciation for the literary legend whose memorable Yiddish writing was robustly brought to life by Bikel, a beloved singer and actor still performing at age 90.

Directed by: John Lollos / Narrated by Alan Alda

Running time: 75 minutes / Language: English

Talkback: Professor David Shneer

Sponsored by: Nicky Wolman and David Fulker



Tuesday, March 17, 7:00 pm in the Boe

A surprisingly buoyant musical comedy from Israel, this entertaining confection delights with its inspirational message of personal fulfillment and amuses with its fanciful story of eccentric friends who are accidentally sent to represent Israel in a national singing competition.

Directed by: Eytan Fox

Running time: 100 minutes / Language: Hebrew

Talkback: Gregg Drinkwater

Sponsored by: Diane Israel, and Women of the J


PrinzJoachim Prinz: I Shall Not Be Silent

Wednesday, March 18, 4:00 pm in the Boe

Directed by: Rachel Fisher and Rachel Pasternak

Running time: 57 minutes / Language: English

Talkback: Special guest speaker

While Martin Luther King Jr. is widely and rightfully honored for leading the Civil Rights Movement, the same cannot be said of Rabbi Prinz, one of his closest, most influential, and inspiringly courageous partners.

Sponsored by the Richard and Josh Dinar Families



Wednesday, March 18, 7 pm in the Boe

The tense relationship between an Israeli Secret Service officer and his Palestinian informant is the basis of this chilling thriller, which offers a compelling behind-the-scenes look at Israel’s intelligence efforts. Co-written by an Israeli and a Palestinian, and based on real-life experiences, the film finds personal drama in the harrowing treachery of the embattled region.

Directed by: Yuval Adler

Running time: 99 minutes / Language: Hebrew and Arabic

Sponsored by: The Schad Team of Farmers Insurance


Welcome to KutshersWelcome to Kutshers

Thursday, March 19, 3 pm in the Boe

Bittersweet and nostalgic, this documentary traces the end of an era, as the last Catskills hotel struggles to keep a tradition alive in what was once an unparalleled Jewish mecca. These hotels gave birth to stand-up comedy, the NBA All-Star Game, the all-inclusive resort concept, and rejuvenated Jewish traditions such as the “tummler,” and – of course – hearty kosher feasts.

Directed by: Caroline Laskow and Ian Rosenberg

Running time: 73 minutes / Language: English

Talkback: Becky O’Brien

Sponsored by: Hazon





george and nancyAbove and Beyond

Thursday, March 19, 6:45 pm in the Performance Space, with dessert reception and concert following. Tickets:  $25

Private dinner reception with Nancy Spielberg at Jai Ho, 5:00-6:30 pm

Tickets for the VIP dinner, film and reception: $60

In 1948, a group of WW II fighter pilots, many Jewish-Americans, heeded the call for help from the newfound Israeli nation and volunteered to fight in the War of Independence. They were not only crucial to Israel’s victory, but in the process founded the fabled Israeli Air Force. Their courage made them living legends in the fledgling Jewish homeland, and – thanks to this acclaimed film – these heroes are finally being acknowledged around the world.

Directed by: Roberta Grossman

Running time: 89 minutes / Language: English and Hebrew

Talkback: Nancy Spielberg

Sponsored by: The George Lichter Family Foundation, Colorado Capital Management, and “Friends of George” 


because i was a painter

Because I Was a Painter

Friday, March 20, 4:30 pm in the Boe

Essential to an understanding of the Holocaust, this painstakingly detailed documentary depicts the only surviving visual record of daily life inside the Nazi death camps: art created in secret by its prisoners. It also asks provocative questions about beauty, the role of art, the nature of the artist, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Directed by: Christophe Cognet

Running Time: 105 minutes / Language: French, German, Hebrew


go go boysThe Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Pictures

Saturday, March 21, 7:45 pm in the Boe

As outrageous as its subjects, this documentary profiles the celebrated Israeli moguls known as Golan-Globus, whose chutzpah conquered Hollywood in the ‘80’s and whose influence is undisputed, even if their taste is often questioned. These odd-couple cousins created the most powerful independent film company in the world. Often dismissed as schlockmeisters, they pumped out more than 300 low-brow movies, as well as seminal independent films from acclaimed art-house directors such as John Cassavettes. In tribute to Menachem Golan, who also helped found Israeli cinema before dying in August at age 85.

Directed by: Hilla Medalia

Running time: 88 minutes / Language: English

Sponsored by:  The Jewish National Fund


the outrageous sophie tuckerThe Outrageous Sophie Tucker

Sunday, March 22, 4 pm in the Boe

This flamboyant documentary showcases the life of  the self-dubbed “Red Hot Mama,” a ground-breaking Jewish singer, comedian, TV, film and radio personality who enjoyed unsurpassed popularity as she redefined Jewish womanhood.

Directed by: William Gazecki

Running time: 96 minutes / Language: English

Sponsored by: Jackie and Mark Wong




 dove flyer 3The Dove Flyer

Sunday, March 22, 6:45 pm in the Performance Space

Tickets for film only: $15

Middle-Eastern dinner at 5:45 in the lobby; tickets for dinner and film: $25

Based on the best-selling novel by Eli Amir, this moving portrait of a family living in a world full of contradictions, ambivalent relationships, and tests of love and loyalty unfolds in 1950 Baghdad. More than 130,000 Jews are about to be forcibly expelled from Iraq, where they have lived for thousands of years – ending the existence of the most ancient community in the world.

Directed by: Nissim Dayan

Running time: 108 minutes / Language: The Iraqi-Jewish dialect of Arabic

Talkback: Shaul Gabbay

Sponsored by: Stephanie and Alan Rudy

About Kathryn Bernheimer

Kathryn has spent her professional life writing about, teaching, and presenting the arts. Founding Director of the Boulder Jewish Film Festival, Kathryn was Director of Menorah and ACE at the Boulder JCC from 2003 through August, 2019. The former film and theater critic for the Boulder Daily Camera, Kathryn is the author of "The Fifty Greatest Jewish Movies" and "The Fifty Funniest Films of All Time."

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