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Looking for a Serious Literary Person…

Book41I have written the first 18 chapters of my 1st novel (app. 2/3rds of a manuscript). It is a contemporary urban story that combines, quirky humor, intense drama, horrific violence, reflections on ‘good & evil’ and erotica.

You can read the first two chapters (and story notes at my blogger site). You can go to the ‘About Me‘ page and locate the link under the text.

I’m a pauper. I’m looking for someone (credible) whose only interest is helping a budding novelist.

This first novel – and the inevitable sequels – combine quirky humor, tragedy, violence, philosophy and erotica. It tells the story of Rati V: she rises to become a celebrated film maker.

Her films combine humor, surrealism, Quentin Tarantino style gore, choreography and her life’s philosophy.

This first book deals with a pre-fame period. Ultimately, the story is how an horrible person from Rati’s past reenters her life. It is told in first person: different vignettes are narrated by one of the central characters (Rati, Jaime, Linda, Suze, Mike and Dan). I’ve attempted to give the different characters unique narration styles: this is meant to give insights into their personalities.

The central conceit is that the three books are written by the aforementioned group as a combination autobiography and novelization. The books are written around the year 2050 as Rati’s film career is fading.

So, if you would like to assist me with editing, please contact me.  My e-mail is john.eisenhauer@outlook.com

To reiterate, You can read the first two chapters (and story notes at my blogger site). You can go to the ‘About Me‘ page and locate the link under the text.

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I’m currently looking for work. My strengths include persuasive writing, management and more. Check me out at: http://johneisenhauerdenverareaprofessional.wordpress.com/

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