Jewish Farm Named “Milk and Honey Farm at the J”

Ru with new "Boulder Kid" Shelleg (Snow)
Ru with new “Boulder Kid” Shelleg (Snow)

Five years ago Beis Tarnagol, the Jewish chicken co-op, raised a flock of over 40 laying hens together, on land designated as the future Boulder Jewish Commons. Four years ago Beit Izim, the Jewish goat co-op took root and welcomed 3 baby goats to our community, two of which would grow up to produce delicious milk and expand the herd to 4 lovely ladies. Now the construction of the new JCC building is well under way and plans for agricultural activities on the Boulder Jewish Commons are being developed. About two acres of the remaining property is being devoted to the creation of Milk and Honey Farm at the J, Boulder’s Jewish Community Farm.

Milk and Honey Farm will provide a space for the animal husbandry co-ops as well as expand agricultural activities to include fruit trees, vegetable production, and educational raised beds. It will be an educational sustainable farm that brings the greater community together via experiential programs and activities designed to ignite wonder and discovery, grounded in vast Jewish heritage, tradition, and values. It will provide a place for individuals to connect on the simplest level with soil, plants, animals, and other people, for the health and well-being of themselves and the larger community.

Milk and Honey Farm at the J was named by community members working on the Farm’s development committee. They chose this name for many reasons. The name reflects activities on the farm- the milk from the goats and honey from bees and other sweet sources like fruit trees (in the bible, the honey mentioned was actually referring to honey made from the indigenous date palms rather than bees). In addition, it harkens to our Jewish tradition and evokes a place rich with delicious food and community.

The Boulder JCC plans to open the farm for programming around the same time that the new building will be open- sometime during the growing season of 2016. If you would like to get involved please email

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  1. shalom
    as an animal caretaker for 23 years, here in boulder, i would love to be part of taking care of our own Jewish
    animals as well but, there does not seem to be room for any one not already involved. I know about donkeys, horses,
    goats, chickens, duck, turkeys and geese. I do that for my occasional living wages; It would be nice if Becca
    opened OUR space to others in the Jewish community who want to help OUR farm as well.