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Kidron Valley

December 10th Update: SIPP’s Mission to Israel-West Bank

Upper Kidron
Beth Ornstein, Eric Lombardi and Melinda Kassen in front of a waste conduit in the upper Kidron basin.

Beyond today’s headlines there are stories of Jewish, Arab, and Bedouin Israelis and Palestinians acting to create better lives for themselves, their families, their communities, and the planet.

Join Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects (SIPP) at 7:00 pm Thursday, December 10th, at Congregation Bonai Shalom, 1527 Cherryvale Road, Boulder, to hear Eric Lombardi, Eco-Cycle, Peter & Beth Ornstein, SIPP, and Melinda Kassen, WaterJamin Legal and Policy Consulting, share what they learned about a variety of exciting projects and opportunities for environmental and community bridge-building work benefitting Israelis and Palestinians.

Building on their experiences, SIPP has begun sorting through options to engage the wider community to provide support for these varied efforts for peaceful coordination between and among Israelis and Palestinians.  These will also be discussed at the December 10th update.Wadi Attir

“There is an enormous need for cross-border and cross-cultural cooperation on environmental matters.  Given Boulder’s environmental values, I think we
in Boulder are especially situated to provide assistance and promote an environmental dialog on a number of projects,” Ornstein said.

The Boulder group toured Wadi Attir, a sustainable Bedouin agricultural project in the Negev, and other environmental and empowerment projects involving Bedouin communities in and around Beer Sheva; a Palestinian landfill near Bethlehem; and the renowned Hiriya recycling center outside of Tel Aviv.  They met with Israeli and Palestinian community leaders, including the Mayor of Hura (in the Negev), the Mayor of Ubediya (in the West Bank), and the Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv.

The trip overall was invaluable: the host of cooperative efforts already underway (that rarely make the news) and the contacts made will enable SIPP to provide a practical level of support in the future.
The December 10th update is open to the entire community.

About Peter Ornstein

Peter Ornstein is an environmental attorney and mediator living in Boulder, Colorado. Peter founded Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together Israelis and Palestinians in common cause to clean up their environment, and engage them with our community in Boulder.

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