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Camp Inc.

This Summer: Have Fun And Build A Business

It sounds counterintuitive, right? “Have fun” and “build a business.”

photo6It exists! Camp Inc. has blended the two into an overnight Jewish summer camp for teens in grades 7 through 12. Teens at Camp Inc. learn business skills, create hands-on projects, and work in teams while developing leadership skills – not to mention, Jewish identity, too!

For over a century now, Jewish overnight camps provide a perfect opportunity for Jewish kids and teens to learn about their Jewish identity, such as celebrating Shabbat, practicing Tikkun Olam, and connecting with other Jewish teens. While they’ve enjoyed almost a century of interest and growth, recently Jewish summer camps have evolved to include new programs as well, such as Camp Inc.’s focus on entrepreneurship and business.

At Camp Inc. teens not only explore entrepreneurship in a variety of industries, they experience Shabbat in new ways, meet other teens from around the world to become fast friends, and get outdoors in the beautiful mountains of Boulder, CO, on a challenging ropes course, hikes, rock climbs, and more.

Building a successful business requires three ‘summer fun’ components:

  1. A business starts with an idea — brainstorming within a group.

  2. A business grows with connections — team building and making friends.

  3. A business thrives in a strong setting — learning from other local Boulder startups.


As Camp Inc. is located on 135 acres just a half hour outside of Boulder, the last item in building a successful business touches on the local Boulder startup scene (ranked as one of the top entrepreneurial cities in the country in fact). However, not all the focus is local – Camp Inc. integrates Jewish identity with a strong entrepreneurial spirit by connecting campers with Israeli startups and businesses through Skype or email, and by hiring Israeli staff. This way, all overnight campers get to experience creating and building a business with an international perspective.

Combining all the elements of a fun summer – new friends, warm weather, outdoor activities, and learning something new – Camp Inc.’s Jewish summer camp sessions start June 22, 2014! Save up to $1,500 on Camp Inc.’s 2014 Jewish summer camp for 7th-12th graders. View all Camp Inc. programs here!

About Cynthia Weinger

Marketing and Communications Director at the Boulder JCC.

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