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The 5 Advantages of Teen Entrepreneurship

When starting a business, many teenagers may not realize the advantages they have as budding entrepreneurs due to their age. For starters, they have a built-in support network with their family, friends, and school system they can tap into. The older a person becomes, the harder it is to build strong connections and networks from the ground up, so teens can take advantage of what they inherently have from the start!

Even more of a reason to start a business as a teen is that teens don’t have a mortgage, kids to rely on them, or other major lifecycles that are still to occur. That way, if they start with a business idea, build what they can, but potentially fail, they have a lot less to lose than the 30-something entrepreneur next to them in the coffee shop. This isn’t to say we encourage the prospect of failing! Instead, we encourage learning from failing.

The above are just a couple of examples of why it’s important for teen entrepreneurs to start young. To start your child or teen off on the right foot in the business world, consider sending them to Camp Inc, an overnight summer camp for kids and teens in grades 7-12 that gives them an incredible entrepreneurial learning opportunity. Discover more on our website at http://CampInc.com and read our latest blog post here: Teen Entrepreneurship: The 5 Advantages of Starting Young.

Once your teen embraces the advantages of their age, have them take their new business idea and read our top 5 tips on how to be a successful teen entrepreneur!


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About Josh Pierce

Camp Inc. is directed by Josh Pierce, a successful entrepreneur, camp professional, husband, and father of two girls. Josh spent years as a camper and staff member at Camp Chi, the Chicago Jewish Community Center’s overnight camp. He studied music and business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has built and sold a number of companies. After a decade of working with Jewish teens, Josh’s passion for youth entrepreneurship and overnight camp led him to the Boulder JCC, where he was awarded a prestigious position in the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Incubator II and full funding for Camp Inc. through the Jim Joseph Foundation and Avi Chai Foundation.

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