David Fellows prepares to light the Grand Menorah.

Boulder Jewish Community Lights Menorah on Pearl St.

David Fellows prepares to light the Grand Menorah.
David Fellows prepares to light the Grand Menorah.

Over a hundred members of the Boulder Jewish community joined on-lookers on the Pearl St. Mall Wednesday night to watch as Boulder Jewish News Editor and Publisher David Fellows lit the Grand Menorah to celebrate the second night of Chanukah.  The event, put on by the Boulder County Center for Judaism and the Boulder Jewish Community Center, featured music by Denver’s Steve Brodsky, fresh latkes and sufganyot, coffee and hot chocolate, and a visit from Miles, the horsey mascot of the Denver Broncos.

Congressman Jared Polis wishes Boulder a Happy Chanukah.
Congressman Jared Polis wishes Boulder a Happy Chanukah.

Congressman Jared Polis welcomed the crowd to the festive event, and Jonathan Lev, Executive Director of the Boulder Jewish Community Center, spoke of the many opportunities that the community has had this year to attend community building events (events to both build community, and to celebrate the beginnings of actual community buildings).  Rabbi Pesach Scheiner gave a d’var about the meaning of Chanukah in our day, and introduced Lamplighter Fellows, who led the crowd in singing the prayers as he lit the giant shamash and two lamps representing the second night of Chanukah.  Many families braved the winter chill to celebrate the menorah lighting with their children, as well as some hardy grandparents.

Check out the Daily Camera’s coverage.

Here are pictures and a video from the event:

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Boulder's Jewish community Joyously turned out in force Thursday night, December 2, 2021 to celebrate Chanukah in person for the first time since 2019.


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  2. David, this honor was well deserved. Thanks for all that you do behind the scenes for the Entire Jewish Community. Kol Hakovod!

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