Bonai Shalom Hosting a Shmita-Inspired Shabbaton

Bonai ShalomThe word Shmita literally translates to the ‘year of release’ or Sabbatical year. This was a time that the farm land was laid to rest, crops were shared, and a vision of generosity and community was abundant. We can also celebrate the shmita year more internally- within our own bodies and minds, releasing habitual patterns and allowing our body to rest.

In honoring this vision, Bonai Shalom will be holding an in-house Shabbaton.

The Shabbaton begins on November 7th as a Friday night contemplative service with meditation and sitting practices. A hearty warm, comforting soup will be served.

Saturday morning, November 8th begins with a traditional Shabbat service at 9:30 am.

Delicious Kiddush Lunch celebrating and honoring our Volunteers at 12:30 pm.

Our afternoon exploration begins at 1:45 pm with three activities:

Option one, 1:45-2:30 pm is an outdoor adventure for families with young children led by Bonai’s own Meghan Letts. Who is also on the Hazon Advisory Board and received her Jewish outdoor educational training from the TEVA Seminar at the Isabella Freedman Center. This is a guided experience that uncovers the healing secrets of the land.

Option two. 1:45-2:45 pm is a gentle yoga class with Nicole Koukou which invites you to adventure within your own mind and body.  No experience with yoga needed, all levels welcome, please bring a yoga mat if you have.

Option three 2:45-3:30 pm is a Shmita discussion led by Hazon’s Boulder Director, Becky O’Brien! Becky has been with Hazon since the founding of its Colorado office in 2010. She is passionate about issues around rest and balance and looks forward to exploring the deep wisdom our tradition, in the form of the shmita year, offers to help us have meaningful and manageable lives, that are healthier and more sustainable for us and the earth.

The fun continues with stories, songs and third meal at 3:30 pm with Rabbi Marc and Maggid-Storyteller Ru Wing! This is a magical time for sharing and celebrating.

Shabbat ends with a musical Havdallah at 5:32 pm

Bonai Shalom welcomes your participation and involvement! Bonai will not be asking for a fee to participate, RSVP are appreciated but not required. Sponsorship opportunities are welcomed and available. Your financial contributions will help make this event possible and future shmita inspired events possible. This program is also made possible by Hazon. To RSVP please contact Bonai Shalom at 303-442-6605 or

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