Aish Kodesh Board to Consider Dissolution

Aish LogoAccording to an email sent out to the Kehilath Aish Kodesh mailing list with the subject line, “Farewell Dear Aish” and addressed “Dear Community,” Aish Kodesh is heading towards dissolution “in its present form.”

The Aish community held a meeting last week to explore ideas on how to move forward, and the result of the meeting was to refer three options to the board for decision:

  1. “Hibernate” Aish Kodesh by settling all debts, canceling all future liabilities and storing all the physical assets (Sefer Torah, siddurim, tables and chairs, etc.).  If a future organic movement develops to revive Aish at a future date, the assets could be made available at that time.
  2. Explore a partnership with another Boulder congregation to share facilities, administration, education and expenses.
  3. Close Aish Kodesh, liquidate all assets and close out the legal entity.

Aish Kodesh held what may be their final services on Saturday, January 11 at their building on Cherryvale.

The message, signed by Aish Kodesh President Elon Bar-Evan, closed with this d’var:

Just as in parsha Beshalach this week, we are going through a huge transition as a people and now as a community.  It is one of our greatest moments as we end one chapter and we begin another in our familial story.  We enter the wilderness to embark on learning our greatest lesson: to trust in the journey as Hashem is there at our side, guiding us with love from one destination to the next.  May we be blessed as a community, collectively and individually, to always hold this kavannah, this intention, on our journey.”

Anyone who would like to contact the Aish Kodesh board with suggestions or interest in helping them during this transition should email

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