Find out about the dream and labor of love undertaken by these two Jewish brothers from Memphis.

4 Questions for Bronuts Brothers Magdovitz

Brett (l) and Mitchell (r) Magovitz, the “Bronuts”

Two Jewish brothers from Memphis, disappointed for nearly 15 years with the Front Range’s dearth of quality doughnut offerings, decided to take matters into their own hands. They are launching Bronuts. Bronuts are oversized, baked donut holes that combine a yeast-raised donut and cake donut experience into one.   They have a glazed, crunchy external shell of buttery dough that collapses onto a cake brimming with a variety of delicious fillings.  It’s essentially confectionary crack. We caught up with these two nuts this past week, and after sampling some of their balls (great!), we asked them our questions:

1. What makes this doughnut hole different from all other doughnut holes? 

It never really makes sense to us that the center of the donut that is cut out and served is called the hole. What you serve is the ball: the hole is nothingness. We appreciate eating nothingness as much as any BuJews—our classic balls that are filled with nothing are called Buddha Balls—but the naming construct is a bit of a misnomer. But to answer your question, (1) our doughnuts are baked, not fried; (2) they are balls, not rings; (3) they are biologically (yeast) and chemically (baking powder) leavened; (4) they have a natural 3+ day shelf-life because of their caramelized shell; (5) they bring more joy.”

2. Did you ever think that there might be a reason Boulder has struggled to support a good doughnut shop? 

You’re not the first to raise the “healthiest town in America” question…we see it like this: life is pretty challenging. People need more levity and more joy. Through a light-hearted, playful brand that delivers a product that makes 9 out of 10 people smile and feel thankful, we are playing a small role in Tikkun Olam.”

3. How did you two get into this business? 

Our grandfather was a baker for many years prior to starting a furniture business. Our father carried on his love of eating. It may be like male hair-pattern baldness that skips a generation. We have been talking about doing this for several years, and last Passover, when we were reading Hillel, we had to ask ourselves: if not us who? If not now, when? And thus began our comedy of errors that led us to discover an amazing, unique doughnut.”

4. When and where can we get some Bronuts?

For now, Bronuts are only available for pre-order through our IndieGogo campaign and for special events. We hope to have a successful campaign and be delivering in July. Our primary business is to other business customers, but individuals can still order them online or pick them up from resellers.”

Bonus: Are you worried about the legal implications of putting out a new street drug?  

LSD was initially used in psycho-pharmacology and psychiatry and wasn’t made illegal until 1966. MDMA was also initially used in psycho-pharmacology and is currently under clinical trials for potential therapeutic benefits. It was outlawed until 1985, after being used recreationally for more than a decade. And now marijuana has been legalized in the state. So we expect to have a little time before the Feds catch up.

We haven’t been around long enough to have any psych or neuroscience professors approach us about doing research on the health benefits to individuals and society, but we expect that it won’t be long. Hopefully, this important work can be completed before we get listed as an illicit substance.”

Bronuts have been featured in the Boulder Weekly and The Daily Camera.  Here is their fundraising video:


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