“Recipe for Change: Standing Up to Antisemitism” Screening June 4

With anti-Semitism on the rise, it’s important to discuss the importance of Jewish heritage and how to celebrate the culture, history, and religious practice and talk about the challenges the community faces in this time of rising anti-semitism around the globe. In Recipe for Change: Standing Up to Anti-Semitism, hosts Idina Menzel, Ilana Glazer, and Moshe Kasher are joined by other Jewish leaders and celebs to discuss their Jewish heritage and its effect on the Jewish communities. Winning an Emmy award for Best Daytime Special, Recipe for Change: Standing Up To Antisemitism celebrates Jewish culture and discusses the rise of antisemitism through the lens of food and conversation. 

Todd Shotz, founder and Executive Director of Hebrew Helpers, is also a film and TV producer who has used his knowledge and experience to become a leading consultant on Jewish representation in all forms of entertainment. Starting on the project as a consultant, making sure the representation is accurately portrayed, they asked him to stay on as a Jewish consulter producer for Recipe for Change: Standing Up to Antisemitism. Shotz helped facilitate the production which celebrated Jewish identity while discussing hate crimes with Jewish luminaries. “As we wanted to celebrate the culture, history, and religious practice and talk about the challenges the community faces in this time of rising antisemitism around the globe, we thought there is no setting in Jewish life as fundamental as the Shabbat dinner table to have a conversation as crucial as this one,” explained Shotz.

On top of being a producer and Jewish consultant, Todd also created a business and is the Executive Director for the Jewish educational company, Hebrew Helpers. Starting his business after living in Israel for a year, he expanded the business once moving to LA while also working for Bruce Willis production company. Now, embarking on its 20th year, Hebrew Helpers is a nationwide company helping guide personalized education to students of all backgrounds and affiliations. For their Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs, they pair students with local mentors who guide them through the B’nai Mitzvah process from start to finish. They can assist students in preparing for traditional synagogue services and specialize in creating personalized private services all over the globe. Todd’s unique ability to seamlessly navigate the entertainment industry while remaining deeply connected to his roots makes him a captivating personality you would undoubtedly enjoy getting to know. 

The Boulder JCC will host Todd Shotz, and screening Recipe for Change: Standing Up to Antisemitism on Tuesday, June 4 starting at 6:30 pm. Dinner will be served at 6:30 with the screening following and a discussion about the film with Todd Shotz and Susan Rona. Susan Rona is a Strategic Development Consultant, facilitator, mediator, and Philanthropic Advisor. Susan spent 10 years working with the Boulder JCC as a professional and lay leader, having a pivotal role in the funding and development of the Boulder JCC. “Being able to educate and talk about how the rise of antisemitism at this moment, when we are seeing reports of skyrocketing antisemitism in the United States, it’s important to create spaces to have a dialog about its impact,” states Rona. 

“While discussing an important topic together through different aspects of Judaism, the act of breaking bread and having meaningful connections, it doesn’t get more Jewish than that.” Proclaims Shotz, “We released this film right before Passover of 2022, so people can gather around the table during Passover and discuss the importance of this conversation.” Fast forward to today and the importance of the conversation and how everyone from all aspects can understand and respect each other has even more of a reason to be discussed. Please join Todd Shotz and Susan Rona, for a night of breaking bread together and having an open conversation on antisemitism on Tuesday, June 4 starting at 6:30 pm at the Boulder JCC. To register online, follow the link to the event details page on the Boulder JCC website. 

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