At times of grief and mourning, it is appropriate that we experience the sorrow of our losses as a community. Find out where and when.

Tisha B’Av

Excavated stones from the Western Wall of the Temple Mount (Jerusalem), knocked onto the street below by Roman battering rams in 70 CE. Source: Wikipedia.

At times of grief and mourning, it is appropriate that we experience the sorrow of our losses as a community. Together, we share the burden of our collective bereavement, and with open and tearful hearts find the comfort and strength to find Hashem in every dark corner of our history.

Please join us on Monday evening at 8:24 pm as Tisha B’Av begins. The custom is not to wear leather shoes, and to refrain from various pleasurable activities. At 8:30 pm Kehillot Aish Kodesh and Bonai Shalom will daven Ma’ariv outside, behind Bonai, followed by chanting Eichah and Kinot in Bonai’s sanctuary.

On Tuesday morning at 7:00 am, Aish Kodesh and Bonai Shalom will daven Shacharit services separately, and will join afterwards at Bonai for Kinot.

At 7:30 pm, Mincha davening will be at CU Chabad, 775 17th St, followed by a break fast.

Please contact me if there are any questions.

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One comment

  1. Ovadia ben Avraham

    After seeing the graphic picture of the wall above…
    The physical construction of the new Beis Hamikdosh is a unknown question
    but for sure it must be built with united human hearts.
    This is our challenge …
    to find safe and respected borders and bridges between you and me
    and every other human heart.

    It is so good to see community between Bonai, Chabad and Aish
    and the many Boulder Jewish leaders through Chavar, JCC and others.

    May we set an example for the world
    and build something here that lasts forever
    May G-d help us all to do this work
    Ovadia ben Avraham