Week in Review: June 29th, 2012

Shabbat Shalom!  When Shabbat is over, we will be just about through with half of 2012.  What a year it has been so far!  Hot, dry, and on fire seems to be the adjectives that come to mind.  While our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire, the High Park Fire, the Flarirons Fire and the rest, we are also grateful that those in Boulder under evacuation orders were allowed to go home.  We join everyone in Colorado in praising the firefighters hard at work on these and the several other fires raging in the state.

Meanwhile, in the shadow of the Flatirons and below a small lightning-sparked fire on Green Mountain, the Colorado Music Festival staged the Holocaust-era children’s opera “Brundibar” Thursday night as part of the “Rediscovered Masters” series this summer.

At the post-show reception held at Josh and Ellen Taxman’s house, a BJN email subscriber asked us, concerned, if we had stopped publishing.  We reassured her that during the summer, the flow of Jewish news in Boulder slows down, and that we don’t always publish every day of the week this season.  Thank you for paying attention, and we will continue to publish “all the news for Boulder County Jews” as it comes to us.  Meanwhile, enjoy the stories we did publish this week:

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