Kfar Ramon - Pomegranate Village - will be the summer home for 100 campers.

First Tent Village Dedicated at Ramah Outdoor Adventure

Kfar Rimon Village at Ramah Outdoor Adventure

The Talmud says that suitable places to live should include both spiritual and physical needs.  Kfar Rimon, the first tent village at Ramah Outdoor Adventure, meets both of those needs for its enthusiastic young inhabitants.  Translated as Pomegranate Village, the summer home for 100 campers was made possible by the generosity of 18 Pomegranates.

The lesson of friendship is another key Jewish teaching that campers have experienced in the tent village for the past three summers.  “I’ve learned much from my teachers, but from my friends more than my teachers.” – Talmud (BT Ta’anit 7a).

At last Sunday’s spirited dedication, Francine Lavin Weaver,
Lavin Weaver, who considers herself a lifelong Jewish learner and teacher, feels that living, breathing, and being in Jewish community for a month at Camp Ramah is an invaluable experience and wanted to ensure the viability and vibrancy of this experience for campers for years to come.  Rabbi Marc Soloway of Congregation Bonai Shalom reflected that the lessons learned each summer and the warm community that is created become a model for our lives beyond camp. The President of 18 Pomegranates remarked,

It’s just words on paper until you go to Camp Ramah and experience the friendship and community first hand.”

Campers learn, pray and celebrate together during the summer and build connections and friendships that last lifetimes.  Third-year camper Aaron Zetley echoed this sentiment by sharing his feelings about camp as a “kehillah kedosha”, a holy community, during the dedication that was attended by campers, staff, board members and friends.

Another reason 18 Pomegranates was drawn to support Ramah Outdoor Adventure is their commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.  This is evident in their vision statement.  “Through an appreciation of nature, [our campers and staff] will learn to embrace our world’s beauty and gain a sense of personal responsibility for its treasures.”

Hopefully, Kfar Ramon will be the summer home for spiritual growth, friendships and environmental awareness for years to come.





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