CU Jewish Studies Intern: Rebecca Rosenberg

My name is Rebecca Rosenberg and I am 21 (turning 22 this Thursday!) and I am from Northbrook, IL. I am currently a senior at CU Boulder and am earning my degree with a major in sociology and a minor in Jewish Studies. I recently found out I got into the Jewish Service Corps and am moving back to Chicago in August to start! Also, and most importantly, I adopted a dog named Alice in August.
1. What organization are you interning for and what do you do for it?
I  currently intern at the Boulder Jewish Community Center for the programming department. I help to plan and execute events for the older adults, family, J Teen, and Shalom Baby departments. This has been especially exciting because I get to go to all of the programs at the JCC!
2. What did you learn most, this semester, from your internship?
I think what I learned the most this semester at my internship was how to recruit and spread the word about programs. I think that my generation overlooks the importance of making phone calls and speaking face to face with individuals in order to establish a more lasting relationship.
3. What do you hope to do with what you learned from you internship in the future?
With all of the things I have learned from my internship this semester I hope to be able to apply my skills towards my future career. I ultimately see myself working for an organization that helps people and I think the JCC has shown me how to do that. They are such a great establishment who truly care about their clients and their community, if I can take part of that with me I will be more than satisfied.
4. What is your favorite part about the Jewish Studies program?
My favorite part about the Jewish Studies program is the staff. Going to school at such a big university can be overwhelming and, at times, impersonal. The professors in the Jewish Studies Program have created an extremely personal and real relationship with their students as well as taken an active interest in their futures. If it werent for Professor Caryn Aviv I would not have even known about AVODAH or their amazing program. I am forever indebted to their department for all of their wonderful guidance and support.
5. Felafel or shwarma, which is better and why?
Falafel. I have no idea what a shwarma is but I am going on Birthright in June, maybe I will find out then?

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